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guard privacy on Android smartphone

5 tips to guard privacy on your Android smartphone: Privacy setting, apps and more

Android OS from Google made the phones a smartphone but it has lots of loopholes which make it easy to breach your smartphone’s privacy. Your precious and private data can easily be stolen on the internet from your Android smartphone. Here are some tricks which you can use and save yourself from internet monsters.

Lock Screen Protection

Lock your phone using any of the lock screen security that your phone provides. Android smartphones always come with PIN, password and pattern lock options other than iris scanning, fingerprint scanning technologies that are becoming more prominent these days. Pattern lock and PIN lock are the best options to set up first when you buy your new Android smartphone.

Smartphone companies are now adding more easy and straightforward security; fingerprint sensor. You just need to put your finger on the fingerprint scanner (or swipe your finger across scanner) and your phone will get unlocked automatically. Samsung took a step further and added an iris scanner which unlocks your smartphone just by looking at it. Iris scanner scans your eyes and unlocks your phone; this technology was first introduced in a Windows phone.

Second layer of security

The lock screen is the first level of security which can easy be breached. So, what this second layer is? Google Play Store is flooded with apps which lock individual apps on your phone.

App Locker is a popular app on Android to lock your phone apps like WhatsApp, Gallery, Facebook, Twitter and more. This app also supports three lock style; Pattern, PIN, and password. Now you can unlock your phone and hand it over; he won’t be able to sneak around your personal pictures.

Stay smart while installing apps from Play Store

While you are on Google Play store, lots of apps and games make you download them by showing some offers or features which are not possible like; hacking Wi-Fi passwords or hack others Facebook account. These apps get installed in your phone and start to send your personal data to somewhere where the hacker wants the data to be.

Even after uninstalling these apps, you won’t be able to shut them down because some of the files stay on your phone even after uninstalling the app. These files stay alive till your phone is connected to the internet and sends your data to the developer.

Use VPN while connected to public networks

If you do all your bank transactions online then you should be more alert now because while you are connected to public networks, hackers can easily grab your personal data (ID and passwords) and use them. Download any VPN app to stay secure while surfing on public networks.

Phone lost? Erase it remotely!

If you lost your Android smartphone and of course you have some private data then you can erase your smartphone remotely fro chrome.

  • Navigate your browser to: “android.com/devicemanager” Log into your Google ID which you used on your lost smartphone.
  • Look out for your lost phone and select Erase.
  • Fill in your phone number in the phone number field so you can be informed about it on your phone.


That’s it! now you know lots of tricks with which you can save your private data and keep it secure. If you know about some tricks to secure your data then make sure to share it with us. Or we can be reached through our contact us page for any queries.

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