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Alibaba-owned UCWeb launches UC News app designed for the Indian market

As part of its strategy for 2016, UCWeb Inc. has launched UC News – a news-based app meant exclusively for the Indian market. Powered by big data technology, this app is going to be a one-stop destination offering trending news on different topics.

According to StatCounter, UC Browser is the most used mobile browser accounting for 58 percent of the market share, as of May 2016. The company, a unit of Alibaba Mobile Business group, informed that its active user base has touched 80 million and is increasing at a steady rate.

UC Browser’s data usage shows 73 percent of its monthly active users as ‘News Feed Consumers’. In addition, an average UC browser user consumes around 6 feeds per day.

Explaining about the policy of establishing as a content aggregator, Kenny Ye, GM of UCWeb, Alibaba mobile business group, said –

Digital content consumption is on the rise and the challenge is how we can customise, curate, and present diverse content to users. Content providers face difficulties in distributing content of different formats, while consumers are swamped by an overload of information. Our answer to these challenges is to position ourselves as a content aggregator.

Covering more than 20 topics, UC News will render trending news with respect to the topics. An easy to use app with a user-friendly interface, UC News will strike the chord with people looking for a one-in-all news app.

It tracks and matches the trending keywords on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, and recommends them to the user before deciding on the trending topics.

With the data compression algorithms of the UC Browser, people are looking forward to a slick news app which will offer a smooth functionality without consuming excessive data. Performing as a business within Alibaba’s mobile division group, UCWeb’s core aim is to provide premium and fast internet browsing experience to all the users.

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