Altec Lansing EARC60 French Touch

It’s the ‘Kaala Chashma’ and I couldn’t be happier about receiving ear modules for review. This time, it is the Altec Lansing earphones EARC60. The expensive looking box packs a brand reputation-friendly looking device. The black, white and golden device lays well on the eyes right from the first instance. The first few things to notice about the build of this one is the driver shell. Designed elegantly with a smooth finish. The golden and black colors on the ceramic are surprisingly compatible.

Contents of the box

  1. Altec Lansing Earphones
  2. Silicone ear tips

Now, the biggest problem with IEMs is that you can not lie on your side while listening. The protruding driver shell hurts. Well, not with Altec Lansing EARC60! The bud is shaped in such a way that it doesn’t come out much. It would be perfect in the build category, but for the wire. The material of the cable appears to be some sort of a plastic alloy. While it is above average, the rare occasion where it gets entangled never fails to annoy. Not entirely unpardonable!

Sounds like it’s worth the money

Plug in the 3.5mm at a maximum distance of 1.2m and sink into your chair, because Altec Lansing EARC60 is so adaptive. Rs. 1,799 may sound a tad too much for a pair of earphones but, wait till you hear how crisp it sounds. I’ll come to the bass, in just a bit.

For those who have heard the song and are too lazy to Google what Badshaah is rapping, this one will help you out a little. Of course, you’ll need to know basic Punjabi, at least. Usually dynamic drivers lose out on detailed sound because of their length, however, produce great bass. The key to making a good set with dynamic drivers is to optimize the travel of sound from the speaker to the ear. This one does it just as well as any other in its range.

The impedance is 16 ohm which means that there is no separate amplification. At the lower end of the range, it is just comfortable to hear.

The tuning of this IEM is adequately suitable for bass and mid. Very even! The sustain is slightly short-lived letting out little distinction at sharp shifts. Overall there is very less sibilance, allowing the best compatibility to male or female vocals.

When someone is in a mellow mood, and would like to sip on a drink and listen to music and relax while listening to music, the sharp changes in vocals and stringed instruments can often be a mood-killer but, this one takes good care of your ear-drums by allowing a subtle drop and rise. The EARC60 seems ideal for both soft and high pitch music lovers.

The ‘treble resistance’ is decent enough to create an almost smooth experience. It is hard to figure out what is creating the almost negligible disturbance on some of the notes. It could be a fault in the filter.

There has been a lot of concerns about the leaks among users. The urban crowd today likes to use the public transport and leaks are not good for that. Think of the person in the metro who keeps listening to loud music and is decent enough to use earphones, but is let down by the design of the module he is using. It is annoying. There’s no such problem with this one.

Pros Cons
Comfortable and premium build ceramic earpiece No bi-flange tips
Crisp sound and great bass Average quality cable
No leaks

Altec Lansing Earphones Verdict

Good sound and decent build quality. I wouldn’t mind giving it a thought if I saw it hanging on the wall of a Croma store or any other retail outlet. The box feels good to hold. That might add to my decision-making process. For price of Rs. 1,799 it’s worth your hard earned money.

Build & Design
Sound Quality
Comfort level


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