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Writer by day, gamer by night, Abhinav loves gadgets and gaming. Find him on PSN blabbering about FIFA and MKX.

NASA Successfully Completes Probe On Pluto

NASA has released a startling flyover video during their annual celebrations of Pluto probe. The scientists used the actual New Horizon data and the new advanced elevation models of Pluto planet together with its biggest moon, Charon, to produce stunning movies that gives spectacular new outlook of many strange features …

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Gionee P7 Review: Why Gionee?

The Gionee P7 is yet another entry level offering in the over crowded budget segment. Priced at Rs.9290, the smartphone packs a decent set of specifications such as a 1.3Ghz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, along with a slew of connectivity features. But can it leave a mark in the …

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