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Monday, January 23, 2017

Manoj Nair


ISRO Realigns Mangalyaan Orbit to prevent blackout during eclipse

The Indian space agency ISRO has realigned the orbit of the Mangalyaan to prevent it from losing power during the long duration eclipse. The orbiter is equipped with batteries which are not adequate to provide power for the extended period of eclipse when the...

NASA study reveals that 2016 is the hottest year in recorded history

According to an analysis by the US Space Agency, NASA, the year 2016 was the hottest in recorded history. The Global Average temperature was 0.94 Celsius more than the 20th Century average and .04celsius more than its preceding year 2015.The first 8 months of...

NASA considering Boeing Russian Soyuz Seats to Send Crew to ISS

NASA, facing a severe which is going to turn worse with the Trump administration taking office is considering acquiring two seats aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to transport crews for its missions in 2017 and 2018 to the ISS. With the drawing of curtains over...

NASA New Horizons show signs of life on Pluto

Penitentes are unusual ice formation which is formed in high altitudes particularly above 4000 meters and can measure from a few centimeters to 15 feet. Penitentes was discovered on Europa, a moon of Jupiter and now on Pluto. Latest data sent by the New...

NASA release spectacular new image of Jupiter Great Red Spot

"NASA Jupiter Red Spot"
NASA has released a stunning picture of the “Great Red Spot” taken by the Juno Spacecraft. Jupiter is the largest member of the Solar System. One particular feature of the red giant is the “Great Red Spot” which is a gigantic storm which has...

Earth’s core also contains Silicon .scientists unearth the ‘missing element’

" Earth's core"
Earth’s core is made up of Iron and nickel, but there is a third element which has eluded identification till now. However, now scientists have been able to identify the third and elusive element as silicon. Researchers have identified silicon as the missing element...

SpaceX Falcon rocket blasted flawlessly from the Vandenberg Air Force Base

SpaceX Falcon rocket blasted flawlessly from the Vandenberg Air Force base at 9.54 PST and one by one parked ten satellites into its designated slots. The ten satellites belonged to Iridium Communication Inc. It was a big relief for the beleaguered space company who...

Japanese SS-520 mini-rocket mission aborted shortly after liftoff

A Japanese SS-520 rocket which took off from the Uchinoura Space Center at 8.33 am had to be aborted in mid-flight after it hit a snag in the second stage. The redundant rocket fell in a designated safe area in the sea. The small rocket,...

Social Media Users decry leaked sexist video of year end Tencent party

"Social Media Users decry leaked sexist video of year end Tencent party"
An inappropriate video posted on social media site Weibo has the social circles on fire, and the technology giant Tencent has been accused of promoting sexism among its employees. It was a leaked video of a year-end party of Tencent, which showed four of...

Social Media and Its ugly dimension-Depression and Anxiety

"Social Media and depression"
An American study has found that persons who interact with 7 to 10 social media platforms are thrice more likely to get depressed or suffer from anxiety as compared to those who use one or two social media platforms. The study was done by...

Tech Mahindra begins InnovateMK, incubator to help startups in the UK

Tech Mahindra is launching InovateMK, which is an incubator and will help startups in the new town of Milton Keynes area in the UK. The incubator will help more than 50 entrepreneurial ventures to stand on their feet in the coming two years. InnovateMK is...

SpaceX all Set to Launch for First Time Since September Blast

After the disastrous launch pad explosion in September SpaceX is all set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday. It is the first return to flight for SpaceX, and it will launch ten satellites for Iridium. Iridium is a mobile and data communication,...

TRAI increases the validity window from 90 days to 365 days

TRAI has just amended the Telecom Consumers Protection Regulation 2016. It will enable unique data vouchers for a validity of 365 days. The latest amendment allows for special tariff vouchers which can have 365 days validity. The TRAI has also approved interoperable digital STB’s,...

Hubble discovers a beautiful spiral galaxy that presents an interesting puzzle – See the picture

"hubble Rx J1140.1+0307"
The Hubble Space Telescope has enriched our knowledge of the universe and has delivered many mind blowing pictures of the cosmos. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990, and it has changed how we see the universe in everyday life. Hubble has sent...

Moon is at Least 60 million year years older, scientists say

Moon, the only natural satellite of Earth is much older than what is presumed. Latest research based on the analysis of minerals from the moon containing zircons hint that the moon is  4.51 Billion years old in the least. The minerals were brought back...

NASA releases striking photo of well-preserved impact ejecta on Mars

NASA has just released a picture of an unnamed elliptical crater on the Red Planet. The picture was clicked by the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment or HiRISE on board the Mars Orbiter which has been in orbit around the planet since March 2006 and...

The map of Earth will look like this 250 million years from now!

The Earth did not look like it is today, some few millions years ago and it will not look same some million years from now. How will the Earth look like some 250 million years from now? Simulations using computers say that a new...

ESA’s Huygens probe shows Saturn moon Titan could be the next Earth with possibilities of life

saturn moon Titan
It was on 25 December 2004, when ESA’s Huygens probe unhitched itself from its mothership Cassini and took the unknown plunge towards the icy atmosphere of Titan, its final destination. It arrived on Titan on January 14, 2005. During its descent through the murky...

Jia Jia robot is the first humanoid by Chinese engineers and is interactive

Jia Jia robot
“Jia Jia” is the first Robo-maid or Robo-assistant complete with facial expressions. A humanoid and if its creator is to be believed, this eerily human-like a robot do her master’s bidding in a jiffy with aplomb and finesse. “Jia-Jia” was introduced last year by...

Infosys III Quarter net up 7%; total income rises 8.3%

Infosys Ltd, the nation’s second-biggest software exporter, has reported a 7% increase in the III Quarter net profit. Beating forecasts, the software exporter giant buoyed by an influx of new clientele registered a quarterly net profit of 37.08 billion rupees ($544.03 million). The figures...

Indian Railway introduces IRCTC Rail Connect app for faster ticket booking

"Indian Railway"
The Indian Railway is going in a big way to make its transactions digital. Already 57% of its work is being done online. To streamline and make the task of booking more easy and smooth, Indian Railway have introduced a new Application which will...

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