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Meenakshi handles content at PC-Tablet. She is an ultimate foodie, loves travelling, and likes to read.

Pluto’s Greatest Moon Could Be Having Massive Ocean

Scientists are supposing that Pluto’s largest moon, Charon could be having some spectacular features. NASA launched the New Horizon probe on Pluto two years ago to explore Charon and other moons on Pluto and they recently released data and astonishing images and videos that the spacecraft has been collecting. Charon, …

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Perseids Meteor Shower And Delta Aquarids Peak Dates

The peak dates for the anticipated light-producing Perseids meteor showers are here. The annual event this year is overlapping with the Delta Aquarids. The Perseids meteor shower usually commences from July 17 when the Earth surpasses the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle. These showers will, however, peak around August 12. The …

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SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Returns From Space Station


SpaceX cargo spacecraft has come back to the Earth Planet from the International Space Station (ICC) after the second trip. The space dragon returned with over 1,860 kg of cargo from the Chinese’s first trip to the orbiting laboratory including the science samples collected from human and animal studies, biotechnology …

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Alaskan Volcano Explodes Momentarily

The Alaska volcano has encountered an eruption that lasted for 50 minutes sending up ask clouds more than 36,000 feet across the Aleutian Islands. The volcano erupted around 1 p.m. on July 2. Basing on the findings from Alaska Volcano Observatory, the moving cloud was not expected to drop any …

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NASA Reveals Plans To Counter Asteroid

NASA has uncovered its new strategy that would eliminate the threats of the potential enormous asteroids that could crash the Earth. The plans will redirect the asteroid known as Didymos. According to the experts, NASA is ready to unleash the new defense mechanism to counteract the massive asteroids. The defense …

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SpaceX Sunday Launch of Third Falcon 9 Halted

SpaceX failed to launch the Falcon 9 rocket scheduled on Sunday at the NASA’s space station in Florida. The fault was triggered by a computer error that forced the team to postpone the next mission to July 3. The rocket expected to take off with Intelsat communication Satellite at around …

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NASA Keeps A Close Eye On Microorganisms

The NASA scientists have to ensure the space station is clean and free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. They schedule routine cleaning functions of the facilities and equipment before launching them for various missions in the space. The crew members who are assigned to the International Space Station (ICC) …

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NASA Explores Mars For 20 Years Consecutively

NASA has released a video showing the extensive details they have taken for more than two decades exploring the Mars planet. The agency robotic messengers have been surveying the Red Planet hysterically ever since the first Pathfinder mission was launched on the planet in 1997. Eight other robots have also …

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