Indian mobile phone users

As per a recently released report by Cisco, the number of mobile users in India is expected to reach 990 million by 2020 from the current 799 million users as of 2015 statistics. This means that nearly 71% of the country’s total population will make use of mobile by 2020.

As per Cisco report, the Mobile Visual Networking Index revealed that the mobile data traffic is expected to grow 12-fold to reach 1.7 exabytes (about 430 million DVDs) per month by 2020 mainly due to the rapid growth of affordable smartphones and data tariffs. However, it was about 148.9 petabytes (34 million DVDs worth of data) per month in 2015.

With the expected massive increase in mobile connectivity, Doug Webster, who heads the service provider marketing department of Cisco, attributes the phenomenon due to the availability of a large number of devices that are being connected.

Webster also revealed that mobility is the predominant medium that’s enabling today’s global digitisation transformation.

With the upcoming 5G launch, service providers will find it hard not only to address new scale requirements but also to resolve security concerns and the surge in the user demands.

The report further states that 4G connections are expected to grow at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 144% between 2015 and 2020.

While 4G occupies nearly 26.2% of the total mobile connections will be occupied by 2020, the user base of 3G connections will reach 52.6% out of the total mobile connections by 2020 as compared to 15.7% in 2015.

The report also states that there is an exponential growth of mobile internet users in rural India, and the trend is expected to increase significantly by 2020.


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