Elephone has started rolling out VibeUI custom ROM for two of its smartphones, Elephone M3 and Elephone P9000 Lite. The new firmware brings many new features to Elephone M3 like quick snap to open camera from volume button, wide touch, and quick flash by double tapping the home button. On the Elephone P9000 Lite, the firmware adds the same quick snap feature along with Micro Screen and Flip to Sleep.

Check out detailed features and how they work below:

New function show of VIBEUI firmware on ElephoneM3

1. Quick Snap

One of the important features of the new VibeUI is Quick Snap. Now users can open the camera quickly by pressing the volume key twice (Up or Down key) without the need to unlock the smartphone.

2. Wide Touch

Another feature is the wide Touch, which can be activated from the Settings. In settings, you can choose the size and transparency of wide touch function key. Also, you can set up click, double click and function show after pressing long time. You can also adjust the floa

3. Quick Flashlight

Now the flashlight is also easily accessible from the Settings itself. In the Settings, turn the Quick flashlight or long press HDMED key on lock screen to turn on flashlight quickly.

Check the video tutorial:

New function show of VIBEUI firmware on Elephone P9000 Lite

1. Quick Snap

Open this function, after black screen, quick snap can be used by pressing the volume key twice (Up or Down key)

2. Micro screen

After opening this function, micro screen function can be entered by drawing an “C” on the right edge of the screen. As soon as do this, the home screen shifts at one side of the smartphone. The Micro screen function is easy for one-handed operation.

3. Flip to sleep

Flip the screen to lock the screen after opening this function. This feature locks the smartphone screen when flipped down or when placed vertically inside the pocket. Besides this, there’s Quick Flashlight feature as well. To know more about the features, watch the video posted above.


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