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Elephone upcoming dual camera handset will be a real deal breaker

Elephone is gearing up to launch a new smartphone with dual camera setup. According to company sources, the upcoming dual-camera setup will provide support for photo capturing before focusing and background blur. There are reports that the forthcoming Elephone handset will offer plenty of new features not found in premium phones such as iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei Mate 9.

Among other new features, the upcoming Elephone handset will likely provide support for portrait mode, found in iPhone 7 Plus. The handset will also ship with enhanced depth of field than found in Huawei Mate 9. Elephone’s new dual camera phone will be manufactured in such a way that the requirements of customers will be satisfied to a large extent.

You should not feel jealous when someone is holding a dual camera handset. This is because the new Elephone handset will integrate all the core features of a costly dual camera phone at a very low price.

That being said, the main question here is whether you will be willing to pay for a dual camera phone. If you look at iPhone 7 and Mate 9, you will find it difficult to buy them because they are expensive.

You might ask why you need to buy such a costly phone. However, when it comes to the imminent Elephone dual camera phone, you will have no hesitation because the phone will be priced at rock bottom price.

As of writing this, we don’t have any information about the specifications. However, we can confirm that a dual camera smartphone will be released within the next few weeks by Elephone.

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