Facebook has crossed 155 million monthly active users in India. According to sources, the huge growth in the user base in India is more than rest of the world. The figures indicate that there are over 77 million daily active users. Talking about the mobile growth, the reports indicate that there are 147 million monthly and 73 million daily active users.

Commenting on the development, Adam Mosseri, Vice President of Product at Facebook disclosed that company deeply cares about India since the company is focusing on the development of the products for the next billion people. The company is committed to learning about how people everywhere use our product and making sure Facebook works for them.

Facebook improves news feed irrespective of gadgets

Over the last few months, Facebook is deeply concentrating on the steps required to improve News Feed for everyone regardless of the gadget being used or network connection. The company is scheduled to launch a new architecture to enable users to view fewer grey boxes. This means that relevant stories are generated quickly irrespective of the type of network connectivity.

New architecture for News Feed implemented

Mosseri added that the upcoming new architecture of News Feed enables stories to be ranked on the client after being sent from the server. Moreover, the company is currently developing tools for fast and intuitive media experiences to enable delivery of the right content to the right people at the right time.

Connecting the next billion people on Facebook means understanding these differences and building better experiences to work on all connections, devices, and regions

According to analytics reports, people around the world make effective use of Facebook to establish connectivity with news publishers, video developers, film celebrities and sports. As many as 100 million hours of video are currently watched globally on a daily basis. This is expected to double by the end of 2016.

Going forward, Facebook will leverage Facebook Live and Facebook 360 video to deliver compelling content for the second generation gadgets. Facebook is currently available in 12 Indian languages. Based on reports, the daily active users on Facebook in India had grown 22 percent compared to 17 percent worldwide.


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