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Krypton Audio Electron60 Bookshelf Speaker Pair now available to buy for Rs. 14,000

Krypton Audio has rolled out Electron60 3-1/2″ bookshelf speaker with support for full-range transmission line and is exclusively available via Hifinage.com at Rs. 14,000.

Touted as the smallest speaker in the Electron range, the unit incorporates a newly developed 3-1/2″ polypropylene cone driver, which is capable of delivering huge sound with excellent balancing. It also includes wide range drivers to ensure optimum performance in the entire frequency bandwidth of the speaker system.

According to company sources, the speakers have the ability to produce rich, detailed and crisp sound despite the small size due to the combination of the harmonic balance compensation network. Moreover, the speaker integrates uncompressed dynamics in an advanced transmission line enclosure.

While the other competing speakers make use of plastic enclosure parts to reduce costs, the Electron60 make use of a fully-wooden 18mm MDF cabinet, which is capable of minimizing resonance and enhances warmth without compromising sound clarity.

The Electron60 bookshelf speaker is designed to provide a deeper bass experience with a sonic touch including a balanced and detailed output for music and FM radio stations in a compact and portable size coupled with harmonics and impedance corrected compensation networks.

On the specifications front, the Electron60 bookshelf speaker offers 3-1/2″ polypropylene cone, 40 watts RMS, 6 ohms impedance, 55-20,000 Hz frequency response including 87 dB 1W/1m sensitivity with balanced harmonics for the entire low, mid and high-frequency spectrum.

In addition to diffraction and edge corrected baffle, the Electron60 bookshelf speaker also features advanced features like waveguides, guided wave transmission line enclosure, Zero phase-shift. The speaker units provide excellent transient & phase response including on & off- axis response.

The Electron60 speaker occupies a space of only 6-inch wide and 10-inch deep, thus making it a perfect choice for desktop listening. Moreover, the speakers can also be used to generate surround sounding experience when paired with Krypton Audio powered subwoofers.

The Electron60 bookshelf speaker comes in Jet Black gloss/Matt finish variants with one year warranty.

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