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List of The Mega Festive Giveaway Winners

Hey Guys, We are updating and announcing the giveaway winners here on daily basis. Keep watching this space and check it daily for updates.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Do Remember that winners can still participate in other days as well and they can stand a chance to win again as well. The more you’ll share and invite your friends to participate in the giveaway, the more chances of winning you’ll stand!

NOTE: The person who will participate daily for all 10 days in the giveaway and complete all the daily tasks will only be eligible for the last day’s grand giveaway of 5 smartphones including OnePlus 2.


ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser – 1 unit.

  1. Rashi Bansal

32GB USB 3.0 Pendrives – 10 units.

  1. Sandipan Mukherjee
  2. Sai Hari Krishnan
  3. Swapneel Bandiwadekar
  4. Sagar R. Agrawal
  5. Vaibhav Deshpande
  6. Nishant Srivastava
  7. Abhishek Sarkar
  8. Rohit Reddevil Basu
  9. Ratnesh Sonar
  10. Sristi Choudhury


FLY QIK – 1 Unit.

  1. Eklavya Khandelwal

Honor/Intex/Asus/OnePlus Power Banks – 10 Units.

  1. Ratnesh Sonar
  2. Jayaditya Chakrabarty
  3. Priyanka Aggarwal
  4. MD Abdul Saleem Khan
  5. Aditya Porwal
  6. Kapil Chotia
  7. Naga Raj Suresh
  8. Dipam Jyoti Baruah
  9. Sai Lakshman
  10. Ayushi Jain


Honor 4X Smartphone – 1 Unit.

  1. Vijendar Sunania

Logitech/Microsoft/Enter/Genus/Amkette/Portronics Wireless Mouse – 10 Units.

  1. Arnav Mandal
  2. Sulov Panja
  3. Aishwarya sonar
  4. Lokeshwar Singh
  5. Raees Ahmed Saeed Ahmed
  6. Ajay Kumar Sahoo
  7. Vishal Giri
  8. Arpita Dutta
  9. Chandan Jibhakate
  10. Taher


ASUS ZenPad 7.0 – 1 Unit.

  1. Sanjay Kumar

Selfie Sticks with Bluetooth Remote – 20 Units. [8 Units exclusive for our Twitter Fans]

  1. Shikha Jain
  2. Sagar Ganjare
  3. Sajal Verma
  4. Pardeep Gupta
  5. Latika Khandelwal
  6. Neha Goyal
  7. Ameena Banu Ansari
  8. Chia Ve Ka
  9. Smriti Arya
  10. Anuj Parihar
  11. Himanshu Khatter
  12. Shreya Haldar
  13. @twt2deekay – Dharmin K.
  14. @pritambakshi501 – Roman_Empire
  15. @DipamJDBaruah – Dipam Jyoti Baruah
  16. @Nitin25748 – Nitin Bansal
  17. @vaibhav7789 – vaibhav patel
  18. @manjit_mld – Manjit Sharma
  19. @AishRadha – Aishwarya Radha
  20. @Manonmove2 – Chandan Ghosh


Elephone M2 – 1 Unit.

  1. Rahul Sharma

Xiaomi MI Band – 5 Units.

  1. varshini
  2. Yamini Nagarajan
  3. Rizwan Arif
  4. Aniruddha Pathak
  5. Avrajit Manna


Motorola Moto E 2nd Generation Smartphone – 1 Unit.

  1. Aishwarya Khanna

F&D/Logitech/Mi/Sony Portable Bluetooth Speakers – 5 Units.

  1. Sudipta Ghosh
  2. Rahul Giri
  3. Vinod Raja Durai
  4. Aditya Sarawagi
  5. Puja Vora


F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar – 1 Unit.

  1. Pramod Verma

F&D E210 in-ear Earphones – 5 Units.

  1. Himanshu Khatter
  2. Vivek Durai
  3. Preksha Modi
  4. Taher chinchanwala
  5. Yogita Baid


F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar – 1 Unit.

  1. Amni Swami

F&D Tux 5200mAh Power Bank – 5 Units.

  1. Pravesh Joshi
  2. Pankaj Sharma
  3. Rupam Shivran
  4. Kunal Bamankar
  5. Siddharth Joshi


Fly Snap – 1 Unit.

  1. Nitin Bansal

Sandisk/Samsung/Transcend 16GB MicroSD Cards – 5 Units. [5 Bonus units for our Twitterati Fans]

  1. Annette Prejean
  2. Ankita Agarwal
  3. Pardeep Gupta
  4. Garg Ankit
  5. Sagar R. Agrawal
  6. Kiran
  7. Shikha Poddar
  8. Dipam Jyoti Baruah
  9. Shaharyaar Nezam


Huawei Zero Smartwatch – 1 Unit.

  1. Monika Saini

Laptop Bags – 5 Units.

  1. Latika Khandelwal
  2. Manjit Sarma
  3. Chandan Jibhakate
  4. Pritam Bakshi
  5. Sonia Kumar


Coolpad Note 3 smartphone – 1 Unit.

  1. Meenu Sharma

1TB USB 3.0 External HDD – 2 Units.

  1. Smriti Arya
  2. Sathish Mechy


  1. Sagar R. Agrawal

    Thank You! team PC-Tablet, now I can have multiple OS in one single drive 🙂 #PCTGiveaway

  2. when will today’s winners be announced ?

  3. chandra sekhar

    Wish to team, very good contest

  4. Amiya Gopal Saha

    Hope to win Next

  5. Aditya Porwal

    i am selected , but no mail 🙁

    • Tanmay Patange

      Hi Aditya,

      We’ve your email ID. You’ll be contacted once the Giveaway is over. By the way, congratulations! 🙂

      • Aditya Porwal

        OH AFTER GIVEAWAY IS OVER , I THOUGHT AFTER THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED 😛 i was tensed , by the way thanks for your reply 🙂

  6. Rinkoo thakkar

    Wish to win

  7. Rinkoo thakkar

    My biggest wish to win #PCTgiveaway?

  8. Aishwarya khanna

    Wish to win #PCTGiveaway???

  9. Yeah, I won. This contest is going crazy! Wow! This is the best Giveaway I have ever participated, and others should learn from PC-Tablet on how to conduct a big giveaway properly, just like you guys.

  10. Aditya Porwal

    when will day four winners be announced ?

  11. Why not me 🙁 ?? Hope To Win in upcoming days

  12. Himanshu Khatter

    Thank You! team PC-Tablet, For selfie Stick 🙂 #PCTGiveaway

  13. Wow! Won something!

  14. Aishwaryaradha@aishradha

    Thank you sooooo much? now biggest wish to win smartphone ?? #PCTGiveaway

  15. Aishwaryaradha@Aishradha

    Thank you sooo much for selfie stick? now biggest wish to win smartphone #PCTGiveaway

  16. Chandan Mitra

    Tried hard everyday but never won 🙁 :'(

  17. Very disappointing… no Smartphone for me!!! 🙁

  18. Amiya Gopal Saha

    Trying and Participating from the first day , follow your all steps but you never notice my hardwork. hope my name in smartphone winner list tomorrow. Thanks.

  19. Aishwarya khanna

    Its my dream come true i won motorola moto E gen2nd ?? Thank you pc-tablet and Mr.Tanmay for this beautiful new year gift? You guys are awesome i love you❤️❤️❤️

  20. Aishwarya khanna

    #PCTGiveaway rocks???????? i wish you a great and prosperous new year ??✌️?????

  21. Himanshu Khatter

    Thank You! team PC-Tablet, for f&d earphones 🙂

  22. You guys are awesome for organizing this!

  23. Himanshu Khatter

    Hoping to Win a smartphone #PCTGiveaway 🙂

  24. hope to win in 11th day


  26. #PCTGiveaway..
    Thank you so much team for HDD 🙂

  27. Sathish Mechy

    Finally won ? Thank you so much PC-Tablet team ? Super excited to play Grand #PCTGiveaway

  28. Ameena Banu Ansari

    Hi..I have won selfie stick..how can I receive it..will you email me or I have to mail you my details?

  29. Ameena Banu Ansari

    Hi..I have won selfie stick.. How can I get it.
    Do I have to mail you my details or you will mail me?

  30. Shreya Haldar

    So I checked my mail today & guess what ???
    I won 😀 !!!!!!! Thx a lot !!!!! Seriously saying never hoped to be a winner among huge crowd !!!! Thx alot #PCTGiveaway & PC-Tablet team for choosing me as a winner. I am amazed !!!! Finally one good start for me in 2k16………. This really means a lot to me 😀

  31. Participated from Day1 in all platforms hope to be lucky to win one phone 🙂 Hope my wish will be fulfilled.

  32. Aishwarya khanna

    Dear pc-tablet team and Mr. Tanmay i won motorola smartphone but still no email? #PCTGiveaway

  33. Himanshu Khatter

    waiting to win a smartphone 🙂 #PCTGiveaway 🙂

  34. Ajay Kumar Sahoo

    I have not received my winning gift , i have already mail u my shipping address.

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