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Mark Zuckerberg Live Q&A Session: Everything that Facebook CEO revealed

Mark Zuckerberg touched topics like futuristic AI, Virtual Reality, rumors on paid services as well as his future business interests in a Live Q&A session with Facebook’s users. The questions posed to Mark were posted on Facebook prior to the Live chat. Questions to be answered were picked in accordance with the number of ‘likes’ they received by users.

To begin the conversation, Mark Zuckerberg began with addressing the tragic shoot-out in Orlando and mentioned about how Facebook looks to aid victims and people in need, through financial aid as well as by connecting them to their loved ones.

Below are some of the questions he answered for users, they have been rephrased for easy reading:

Is Facebook working on an integrated cloud service to store and retrieve documents quickly?

While the question was not answered directly, Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook was working on ‘products like that’, but didn’t give out any specific details about the same.

Are online-access learning tools part of Facebook’s future?

Zuckerberg expressed his inclination towards learning through online-access tools and spoke about how it would enrich many lives around the World.

Will Facebook use an AI?

Facebook does intend to make use of an AI that will be able to see the user. Such technology will help physically challenged individuals to interact better with the social networking platform, where Facebook could potentially read posts, news and other such text to those that are visually impaired or provide subtitles to videos for users that are hard of hearing.

Virtual Reality?

Facebook already has compatibility to share live 360-degree videos and images. Zuckerberg additionally said that they wanted to allow users to share exactly what they are thinking and will be making improvements to ‘Live videos’ that would allow two users to chat in real-time over traditional text formats.

Future Prospects? Paid Services?

When asked what sort of start-up he would be interested in running, he exclaimed interest in those that develop mobile apps and experiences over fully-fledged websites. According to him, they allow for easy access to perform routine tasks.

On being asked if Facebook would start charging users for their accounts, he said that their services would always remain free because it was their core motto ‘to connect people in an affordable and easy manner.’

The Q&A session came to an ended by inviting World renowned stand-up comedian- Jerry Seinfeld onto the Live videocast.

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