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Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Green Line Issue Pc-Tablet Media

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 consumers complain about mysterious green line on display

Last year, we saw the launch of Motorola Droid Turbo 2 which promised the users of a solid battery life, top-tier performance and the most important thing ‘A screen that wouldn’t crack’. It seems Motorola hasn’t stayed true to its promises and has disappointed the users as they report a new issue with this Verizon Exclusive phone.

The majority of the users have reported an issue with their device wherein the there is a vertical green light appearing on the display. Usually, this green light is seen the majority of the times when the users turn on the screen while it keeps widening with time.

Everyone is just clueless about this issue being a software or a hardware one. Looking for the forum, we found that this issue was reported in November last year.

A frustrated user posted his story on the forum stating that when he tried to contact Verizon regarding this problem, they replied him by saying that the phone is either hit hard or is dropped. They further added that the phone is not ‘Shock-Proof’. They also sent him an email that contained an image of the device affected by this issue.

However, the user stated that he had never dropped the phone, and it had always been protected with an excellent case. He believed it to be a physical screen malfunction. Coming to a solution, Verizon took this issue to Motorola, which being kind enough, offered a replacement unit to the user.

If you face any such problem, we suggest you to contact Motorola directly as it is responsive and quite helpful to solve the issues of the customers and offer them with replacements. If you witness a green line on your Droid Turbo 2, do contact Motorola right away.


  1. I had two phones do the EXACT same thing within 4 days of owning it. I took the first one back and within an hour on the new phone it did it too in the exact same spot. There’s a serious manufacturing problem somewhere along the lines. Below is when I posted about it.


  2. I had the exact same problem twice within 4 days of it coming out.

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