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Motorola mocks Apple’s iconic Think Different Ad, iPhone in Moto X Force TVC

Motorola has mocked Apple’s iconic Think Different advertisement and iPhone in its recently released Moto X Force commercial video on YouTube. Moto X Force, dubbed as the first ever smartphone with the shatterproof display incorporated Moto ShatterShield technology.

Last week, Motorola uploaded a video on YouTube featuring comedians accidentally dropping Moto X Force in various scenarios, which results in zero damage to the device.

However, the video clearly mocks Apple’s iconic Think Different advertisement and iPhone not only to catch the attention of users but also to create awareness about the need for a shatterproof display.

According to reviews posted on the Internet, Motorola’s claim turned out to be true with reviewers uploading videos by dropping the smartphone from extreme heights.

While the title of the video initially reads as think different, the word ‘practical’ appears on the video signifying the importance of verifying facts practically in various situations.

In real world scenario, you will be forced to perform different activities practically like there is a chance of dropping the phone during a bus travel or while having breakfast. Hence, you should take into account the practical factors of the purchase of a costly high-end smartphone.

The video features a person dropping Moto X Force from a particular height and another person holding it on his head with the smartphone slowly falling without his knowledge. As you will come to see, the person doesn’t have a chance to capture the smartphone using his hand and the device falls in a nano-second.

There is also a possibility of the device falling when you keep the device in a corner of your desk with the equal case of falling when you fetch a towel from your handbag.

Sometimes, the smartphone is capable of falling when you put it into your back pockets. You will never know that your device will fall, but it falls. It is in this situation, the significance of a shatterproof display assumes importance.

With the chance of dropping a smartphone during food time are high as shown in the next frame, here is a huge risk involved if you keep your smartphone on the top of the charging adapter during charging. Your device will not only break but also cause potential shock hazard to your family members.

The rest of the video features the consequences when a smartphone is damaged after it falls and the reactions of prominent personalities who appear in the video.

Finally, Moto X Force appears on the scene with the device falling without causing any damage with the message ‘Guaranteed Shatterproof’ on the screen.

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