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NASA’s asteroid-bound spacecraft OSIRIS-REx takes some breathtaking images of Earth during its ‘flyby’

NASA’s visionary unmanned spacecraft OSIRIS-REx recently got a gravitational slingshot for its journey towards the Sun orbiting asteroid, Bennu. On September 22, the fuel-saving Earth gravity-assist maneuver was done to alter the trajectory of OSIRIS-REx and the gravity boost would make the spacecraft move towards Bennu’s orbital plane without any …

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China to launch its ambitious Mars mission by 2020

China Mars

Well, it seems that the race to reach Mars has become intensified. Many top space agencies are now gearing up to land themselves on the red planet. And recently the China Daily newspaper reported that China has announced to launch a research space mission in the year 2020. Chief designer …

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Exoplanet Jupiter WASP-12b reflects no light


Astronomers have discovered that the exoplanet WASP-12b, considered to be a gas giant, does not reflect any light and hence is completely pitch black. The WASP-12b was discovered in 2008 and is considered one of the most important exoplanets as far as studies and research are concerned. It revolves around …

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Widespread presence of water discovered on Moon


Moon has been a frequent destination of discovery for scientist and researchers. It is easily reachable, and you can discover a lot of things on the moon without any problem because its atmosphere is cool and silent. Recently, scientists have successfully made the first map of water present in the …

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Traces of Titanium Oxide Detected on Exoplanet by VLT

In an astonishing discovery, atmosphere astronomers have successfully detected titanium oxide for the first time in an exoplanet. Elyar Sedaghati, an ESO fellow and a recent graduate of TU Berlin, along with his team of astronomers carried out a thorough study of the atmosphere of exoplanet [WASP-19b]. This incredible exoplanet …

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NASA satellites track Hurricane Irma over Florida


The super storm Irma made its landfall in the Florida Keys on this Sunday morning. The dangerous hurricane was a category 4 type. But it was observed that on Saturday, Irma made its landfall on Cuba as a Category three hurricane. But after crossing over the northern coast of Cuba, …

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