Loch Ness Monster

An underwater drone has found the prop that was used as the monster in the legendary film ‘The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes’. The discovery was made by researchers from Kongsberg Maritime in the Loch Ness Lake in Scotland via an underwater survey.

The search was aimed at studying the perception of humans as to whether we would believe what we have seen with our own eyes. The dinosaur looking like prop was found in the Nessie’s Trench (named after the monster) of the lake to be more specific, an area of the water previously unsearched.

For decades, the legend of this monster’s existence in the sea has been told. In fact thousands of tourist flock to the area yearly, in a hope of getting a glimpse of the much talked about creature. Since the first sighting of the monster in 1933, well over a thousand people have laid claim to having seeing the monster personally.

In fact, a prominent travel agency based in Scotland has estimated that Nessie is actually worth approximately $85 million to the Scottish economy. Just as with the over century old folklore, there has been an enormous amount of effort placed into searching the waters to find the monster of the sea, but to no avail. This underwater robot has made the most progress, only that it is just a replica of the famous monster.

The marine drone was successful in finding the movie prop by using its underwater sonar imaging technology. This type of equipment is more common to scanning waters in search of aircraft and vessels that have been drowned in waters.

While the drone was dispatched in an effort to find the real monster baffling the mind of its enthusiasts from around the world, this discovery is no less spectacular. There however, still remains hope amongst Nessie’s enthusiast that the water monster still exists as there is a significantly large area of the trench that is left to be explored.


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