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Segate Technology

Segate launches Helium-filled 10TB and NAS 8TB Hard Disk Drives

Seagate Technology has added a new 10TB helium-filled enterprise capacity 3.5 hard disk drive, to its evolving storage portfolio. To add more flavour, the company also introduced a new 8TB Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive, with support for up to eight bays.

With less power consumption and weight, the new 10TB drive is designed to meet the growing demands of private and public cloud infrastructure including the ever growing data centres.

Since Helium is less dense than air, the 10TB storage disk reduces the turbulence caused by the spinning disks and reduces the overall power consumption. In essence, increased productivity with less power is Seagate’s mantra for the newly released storage drives.


Featuring seven platters, Seagate Helium-filled 10TB HDD has the capability of delivering 14 read/write heads.

By making effective use of advanced caching algorithms, the drive improves performance, the company reveals. The overall on-going costs associated with power and cooling can be further reduced by leveraging Seagate PowerChoice Technology.

Optimised for the NAS technology, the new Seagate 8TB drive is capable of delivering more capacity than its rivals. In future, you can expect the usage of fewer drives and NAS boxes to meet the data-storage requirements.


Delivering a 50% better endurance rating than its rivals, the NAS HDD 8TB provides a sustained data rate of 216MB per second. It also delivers a better TCO and is cost-effective than a 4TB or 6TB HDD used in a similar environment. The 8TB NAS drive also comes with an optional Rescue Data Recovery service to protect against potential data loss.

Both the 10TB helium-filled and 8TB NAS hard disk drives comes in a standard 3.5-inch drive with a choice of 6Gbps SATA or 12Gbps SAS host interfaces.

The latest release by Seagate is believed to compete with its competitor Western Digital, who released a 10TB enterprise hard drive on the market in 2015. Manufactured using shingled magnetic recording, Western Digital 10TB hard drive requires special software to access. However, no such software is required for Seagate’s latest offering.

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