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US President election 2016 results

Here’s how you can stay updated with US President election 2016 results

Today, Americans will cast their votes to elect their next president. The race is between Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump, who belongs to the Republican party. The entire world is curiously looking forward to both elections followed by results. In this article, we will examine how you can keep of US presidential elections from India.

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

You can keep track of US elections by visiting Twitter and selecting the hashtag #Election2016. Currently, the tag is trending and we expect this to continue for the next few days. You can view posts from reputed personalities. In the same way, you can know about the latest news on Facebook and Instagram as well.


Google is also planning to provide the latest coverage of news related to US elections. After the elections, the search engine giant will provide results for all 50 states and in 30 different languages as and when the results data are available. You need to visit Google via your PC or smartphone and search for the keyword US Elections.


Times Now

Times Now is a 24-hour TV news channel. You can either switch to the channel on your Television or visit their official website – http://www.timesnow.tv/. The site provides live coverage of the US elections including videos. The portal provides separate tag #US Presidential Elections 2016. The corresponding page provides all the relevant information about US elections.

India Today

The official portal of India Today has opened a new navigation option captioned “US Elections”. If you select the link, you will be able to know live reports, news related to elections.


News18, previously CNN-IBN has also created a dedicated page with the link – US Elections 2016. You will be able to read detailed information about the elections including videos and other related information.


NewsX also provides detailed coverage of US elections. If you navigate to http://www.newsx.com/us-elections-2016, you will be able to know the latest information about the elections in the United States.

In addition to the above sources, you can also keep track of US elections 2016 via CNN, BBC World, Bloomberg, NDTV, ABC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, PBS NewsHour, Univision, NowThis and much more.

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