Steve Zadesky

On Friday, Wall Street Journal reported that Steve Zadesky (former Ford Engineer), who joined Apple Inc. 16 years back and was heading ‘Titan’ its secret electric car project since last two years, is now leaving the company.

It is reported that Steve Zadesky who had been working with iPhone and iPod teams previously is leaving the company for some personal reasons. It further stated that there is no clarity on when this 16-year old veteran would leave Apple.

As of now, his LinkedIn profile still shows him working at Apple. In spite of this change in leadership, the company’s plans for developing a car have not been altered, claim people who are familiar with the matter. However, Apple declined to comment on this subject.

Although there were no confirmations on developing the car, Apple has been building a team of experts and engineers in robotics technology and battery for working on the said project.

Apple is still exploring whether it could enter production by the year 2020, although the deadlines are not fixed. Since 2014, Zadesky has been heading the effort.

According to reports, the team working on ‘Project Titan’ is facing lots of issues with regards to setting ‘clear goals’ to build this rumored car and achieving them. Particularly, Apple executives have been putting lot of pressure on the ‘Project Titan’ team for meeting these unrealistic deadlines.


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