A recent study revealed that 66% of the world population for at least one month in a year. In other words, 4 billion people face a severe scarcity of water and among these 1 billion live in India and another 0.9 billion in China. The number climbs to 4.3 billion people if moderate to severe water scarcity is taken into account.It is 71% of the global population.

The study, which was published in international journal Science Advances, is authored by Mesfin M. Mekonnen and Arjen Y. Hoekstra.

The study brings into focus the fact that four billion people are facing water scarcity. Of these four billion, one billion live in India and .9 billion in China. It means that every second person in the world who suffers from water scarcity for minimum one month is from India or China.

It also means that out of a population of 1.25 billion, 80% of Indians face a severe scarcity of water for at least a month every year.

Neighboring countries are in a similar situation. Bangladesh with a population of 130 million, and Pakistan with a population of 120 million also face a similar water crisis. Even the US is facing a similar problem. Large parts of US like the western states of California and the Southern states like Texas and Florida. The study also highlights nations like Nigeria and Mexico facing a severe shortage of water.

The study also revealed that about 1.8 to 2.9 billion people face water scarcity for at least 4-6 months a year. The study also revealed that .5 billion people suffer water scarcity all the year around. Of these again a majority (130 million) live in India followed by Pakistan (73 million).

The study highlights a strategy which envisages reducing the pressure on the limited blue water resources and putting more emphasis on raising the productivity of rainfed agriculture.


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