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After Facebook, Twitter China now bans WhatsApp


China has a long history of blocking popular sites including social networks and Western-owned websites. And to carry this tradition, the Chinese government has now blocked the messaging platform giant WhatsApp in the country. However, this messaging platform was partially-blocked in the past, but now the entire service seems to be non-functional. The …

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China to launch its ambitious Mars mission by 2020

China Mars

Well, it seems that the race to reach Mars has become intensified. Many top space agencies are now gearing up to land themselves on the red planet. And recently the China Daily newspaper reported that China has announced to launch a research space mission in the year 2020. Chief designer …

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Facebook launches photo sharing app Colorful Balloons in China


Social Networking platform Facebook has silently launched a new photo-sharing app named as “Colorful Balloon” in China. This app is a mirror image of company proprietary app “Moments” which is available currently for the global market except for China since Facebook is blocked in the country since 2009. The app …

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China’s Quantum Satellite In Big Leap

The word “spy satellite” seem to have acquired a new meaning after the successful test of the Chinese novel aircraft.  The mission, if well executed can open very secret communication channels by simply applying quantum science lows and principles. The satellite, was named Micius is the first of its kind …

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