Australia may put Kangaroos on fertility drugs instead of killing 2000

Nature lovers in Australia are strongly condemning the plan to kill kangaroos to suppress their population, and they believe that a more humane method should be adopted to combat this issue.

Instead of killing, they are suggesting the idea of putting Kangaroos on fertility drugs which will prevent them from breeding. The drug will cost just 15 Australian dollars, and it will prevent the kangaroos from conceiving for the next five years.

Daniel Iglesias, Director of Parks and Conservation told that tests are going on to test the efficiency of these drugs. He believes that success in drug testing will help them to control the increasing population of grey kangaroos in the most effective manner.

The increase in the population of grey Kangaroos in Australia has been creating end number of problems, and to combat this, Australian Government has decided to kill more than 1900 Kangaroos across the Australian Capital Territory.

The natural vegetation of the country has faced negative impacts due to the rising population of Kangaroos, and this alarming fact compelled to Government to opt for mass culling.

At this juncture, readers should understand that more than 4000 Kangaroos have been killed in the last two years to curb the population.

Daniel Iglesias, added that this move is inevitable and as it will lead to de-vegetation if remains uncontrolled. He also added that this is not about eradication, but about maintaining sustainable numbers of eastern grey kangaroos.

This is not the first time that the Australian Government is adopting the mass culling strategy. Last year, officials targeted feral cats to save endangered species like the Night Parrot. They justified the killing by stating that cats are the major culprits behind the extinction of many species.

InFocus launches Kangaroo, world’s smallest and portable Windows 10 PC for $99

InFocus Kangaroo Windows 10 PC

An American company, InFocus Corporation has launched the world’s smallest and portable Windows 10 Mobile Desktop PC named Kangaroo. The market is jam packed with portable PC’s, but this Windows 10 PC has made the things interesting.

The kangaroo Product Manager – Lawrence Yen said, “Consumers own various devices including laptops, tablets and desktop PCs. Each device is used in different locations for different purposes. Kangaroo is the first device to allow you to use the same PC for all applications, in any environment.”

Kangaroo is powered by an Intel Cherrytrail Z8500 SOC and 2.24GHz Quad-core processor and has inbuilt battery paired and a standalone Kangaroo Dock with port access for an HDMI and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

Kangaroo offers 2GB LPDDR3 RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which is expandable for additional storage up to 128GB via a microSD card.

Other connectivity features include Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity.

Extending the functionality of existing hardware, screens, and devices, Kangaroo has endless uses and applications. The inbuilt battery delivers up to 4 hours of power juice for casual use.

The Vice President of Worldwide OEM Marketing at Microsoft Corporation – Peter Han said, “Innovative solutions such as the InFocus Kangaroo built on Windows 10 delivers great flexibility at a reasonable price, helping customers to be even more productive while on the go.”

InFocus Kangaroo

The Kangaroo also offers remote access via a hardware Action Switch, permitting users to gain direct access to the Windows 10 desktop even when there is no Wi-Fi.

Now with Windows Hello integration, the embedded fingerprint reader provides easy login and maximum personal security without passwords.

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop – World’s Smallest Portable Windows 10 PC

Priced at $99 (Rs. 6,400 approx.), Kangaroo Mobile Desktop is available to buy at currently and will be available at Microsoft Store Online and other retail locations by mid-November.

For those who have no previous experience in using these portable PCs, here is a word of advice. Don’t expect to do graphics intensive work on these PC’s they are just for casual gaming, browsing and other things like watching a movie.