Google launches country-specific tailored homepages of YouTube in Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

country-specific tailored homepages of YouTube

Google, on Tuesday, announced the launch of country-specific tailored homepages for users who access the video-sharing portal from Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. A new customized homepage will be customized in Urdu, Nepali or Sinhalese languages and domains depending upon your location.

YouTube is already available in Sinhalese, Nepali, and Urdu languages since last few months. And now, with the launch of the new country specific homepage, YouTube will showcase content in a customized format with the popular trending videos and playlists showing up on the front.

The top watched content for the respective countries will now show up on the respective homepage. It includes Nai Nabhannu La 3 in Nepal, the Coke Studio channel in Pakistan and Amazing Spiderman in Sri Lanka.

With the launch of customized homepages, YouTube is hopeful of roping in more local talents, personalities and musicians to upload their creations and showcase their work before a large audience.

Moreover, the new homepages are designed to help viewers to track most relevant videos and discover content quickly in addition to giving more recognition for the creators.

With the addition of a new country-specific homepage, Google is hopeful of persuading Pakistan to lift the ban to provide local artists and companies a chance to showcase their content.

However, it remains to be seen whether the introduction of a localised version of the YouTube will compel the Government to lift the ban.

Nepal can face drought-like condition due to global warming and climate change in next decade

global warming and climate change in Nepal

An international team of researchers has identified 41 tipping points on the planet, which can cause cataclysmic conditions. Nepal is one such tipping point, and the nation will face the brunt of the effects of global warming and climate change.

Nepal could be standing on the brink of a drought-like situation in next decade. This situation has been caused due to deforestation, population increase, and overuse of agricultural land. This is the conclusion of a study that goes on to warn that if remedial measures are not taken, the population will be facing a food and water shortage in the coming decades.

A group of researchers from the Baylor University, Texas employed an intricate modelling tool called SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) to analyse land use methods, type of soil, the geography of the country, meteorology to predict the kind of soil erosion, snow melt pattern and climate change of Nepal.

The team came to the conclusion that Nepal will be facing an acute shortage of drinking water in the coming decades. The team advised the government to prohibit strictly deforestation and take to re-plantation of trees on a war footing.

Nepal is facing a situation similar to Tibet. High altitude and dry climatic conditions make such regions highly vulnerable to climatic changes. According to the 14th Dalai Lama, this is not the question of one or two nations but the entire humanity.

Study authors Joseph White, professor of biology Baylor’s College, warned that the nation’s population particularly children will in the coming decades face malnutrition as food production falls due to soil degradation and lack of water resources.

Changing climate and poor land management practices has made water availability a problem. The people of Nepal use whatever little land is available for food production and it is dependent on water supplied by snow water, glacier melt and monsoonal precipitation.

A country whose 70% population are dependent on Agriculture; it could be a sign of coming problems for the most vulnerable population-those in poverty.

Facebook users raise $10 million to reach out earthquake-hit people

New Delhi – More than seven million Nepalese used the medium of Facebook to raise nearly $10 million to reach out to their 150 million quake-hit family members and friends. The shattering earthquake of last week in Nepal left many stunned, homeless and deprived.

Happily enough, people have come forward immediately to reach out their help and in just two days have raised over $10 million for the victims.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook activated its safety-check, which was used by over 7 million people in the region and were marked as safe. The update reached more than 150 million friends, which helped the people rest in peace and concentrate more towards their efforts.

Apart from that, Facebook also provided the users with an option to support the efforts diverted towards local relief activities. This option was instrumental in making the people donate such a huge amount within a short span of two days for the victims.

Facebook to Donate $2 Million

Facebook too is going to donate an additional amount of $2 million for the local relief fund to help the affected areas in Nepal. Apart from that, Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger- a web chat service is being widely used in Nepal to help the workers coordinate the efforts and figure out ways to reaching the affected areas.

Zuckerberg in his statement has said that it is inspiring how all the communities have come forward to help the people in times of need. The latest death figures of last week’s temblor had now reached 6,000 mark, but are expected to be near 10,000 as the rescue team keeps on uncovering more debris and dead bodies underneath.

India being the closest neighbor of Nepal was the first nation to come forward to help. The country’s Bihar state also had to bear some wrath of the quake with more than 50 people declared dead. Some areas of Bihar and other nearby states also revealed cracks in constructions and destruction of buildings.

Nepal Earthquake: Facebook responds with Safety Check for people affected in tragedy

Facebook has activated a new feature Safety Check for the people who are affected by the Nepal Earthquake on 25th April 2015. The Earthquake has been one of the most devastated natural calamities seen by the Himalayan kingdom. Two Earthquakes with their Epicenter in Nepal were recorded today. The tremors of this Earthquake have been felt in Nepal and North & Eastern part of India.

This feature aims to help the users of Facebook by providing them information if their loved ones & Friends are safe. The feature was announced by Mark Zuckerberg in a post soon after the calamity stroked. Mark has also given the URL of the app which can be accessed at:

MarkThe feature works in a way that it picks the location of the user which he has given in the user profile. If a user is in the earthquake affected zone, an option is given to him to mark himself Safe.

The notification of this result is then posted to all the friends of the user and they would come to know that a user is safe.

mark safe

The feature also let a user to mark any of his friend’s safe if the friend happens to be in the affected area.
This attempt by Facebook is noteworthy as the media could be treated not only a place to share pictures and jokes, real information could be passed on. The Social Media can be touted as a real fast providing network which can connect people in such a calamity.

Our prayers go for the people affected by this Natural calamity and we pray that the God give strength to the people who have suffered by this earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake: Airtel offers free international calls to Nepal from India for next 48 hours

Bharti Airtel has tweeted that they will be offering free of cost international calls to Nepal effective midnight for next 48 hours after a severe earthquake hits Nepal, parts of India and Pakistan. After facing a fierce criticism from all over the country for implementation of Airtel Zero internet plan, it comes a nice gesture from the No. 1 telecom service provider of the nation.

Nepal was struck by one of the worst earthquake today in its history of last one century. According to latest update, more than 1800 people have been reported dead in Nepal. The earthquake even started a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest which left 10 mountaineers dead in the valley. The quake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale, which was followed by 16 aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or greater, striking heavy casualties in Kathmandu and injuring thousand others. Hundreds were feared missing across the country.

Indian Embassy has set up two helplines +977 98511 07021, +977 98511 35141 to assist Indians stuck in the Nepal.

Airtel Tweeted, “We are deeply saddened by the severe impact that one of the worst earthquakes in Nepal has had on the lives of its people. As a small gesture during this hour of crisis, we have decided to offer all calls on the Airtel network from India to Nepal completely free of cost for the next 48 hours effective midnight, thus enabling customers across the country get in touch with their families and friends in Nepal.

Please spread the word in your social circle to let people know about it. Our prayers are with the fellow people of Nepal.