Prisma app guide: Six features you probably didn’t know about

prisma app features

Prisma app is making waves across the world ever since its release one month back. In India, the app was initially made available in closed beta. However, tech enthusiasts managed to download the relevant app file from third-party sources and installed the app since they can’t wait to experience the features. We also managed to work with Prisma even before it is officially released in India. In a surprise move, the company closed the beta channel and officially launched the app in India. The Prisma app is now available for download from Google Play Store. If you are using Prisma in the default mode, then you need to learn how to tweak it in such a way that the features can be extended. In this article, we will explore how you to enhance the usage of Prisma app.

To work with Prisma, you need to either capture an image from within the app or pick the relevant image from the photo gallery from your smartphone.

1. Watermark removal

Prisma developers have done a trick by embedding a watermark on the generated artworks. You will find the watermark on all the images which you have painted using the app. However, you remove the watermark by selecting the star” icon located in the middle of the right side and deactivating the watermark option. You need to slide the control towards the left to deactivate.

Prisma app

You have to use this option if you intend to share the final image on social media. If you are planning to take a printout of the photos, you have to deactivate this option. Otherwise, the watermark will look big in hard copy.

2. Adjust Intensity

By default, the artworks are created on Prisma with 100 percent intensity. However, you can adjust the intensity of the filters by swiping left or right on the photos.

3. Automated saving of artworks

By default, you have to save all the artworks manually after Prisma app renders it finally. However, you can save time by enabling automatic saving of artworks. If you enable this option, then all the photos will be saved automatically to the Prisma folder in the background as soon as the app finishes rendering of artworks. You need not have to do any extra work.

It would be helpful if Prisma app provides a choice to select the storage location from either internal storage or external microSD card.

4. Never use Prisma app integrated camera


Prisma comes with an integrated camera. But it lacks HDR, night mode, white balance correction and manual mode. However, you can activate and deactivate the flash from the app. Hence, in order to capture a great looking piece of art, you need to either use the camera included with your smartphone. Nowadays, handsets ships with all features, which are required to capture rich images. If you activate HDR mode and apply few filters, you will have few nice images, to begin with, to create a splendid artwork with Prisma. Alternatively, you can also use third-party apps such as Camera360 to apply filters to photos. You will be able to create great artwork if you capture square photos. This is because Prisma only accepts photos, which are square in shape.

5. Share your artwork via Prisma app

As soon as Prisma finishes rendering of artwork, you will be able to view share options. You can easily share the work via either Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, if you select the share button, you will be able to view several options including the ability share to WhatsApp, Hangouts, Gmail and much more.

6. Make use of MSQRD

Normally, Prisma is used to decorate selfies. You can add extra layer of special effects to all the selfies with the effective use of third-party selfie apps such as MSQRD. You can also make use of apps such as Layout, which has the ability to create Prisma photos with several frames. It will also help your photos to stand out from the crowd.

As you can see, there are several ways by which you can enhance the look and feel of the artwork created out of Prisma app.

Prisma app update brings cool new features and improved speed


Prisma app happens to be one of the most sought after photo editing tools at the moment. That said, its appeal should see a further uptake on the back of several new features that have been added to the app as part of the latest update. With the innate ability of the app to convert any image into an artistic rendering of the same, the app has emerged as one of the hot favorites among those who love tinkering with their images. Also, the latest update comes on the back of an update rolled out just this July that introduced the much needed save button. This enabled users to save a copy of the rendered image, unlike the earlier process where users could only share an image and never save them.

Mentioned here are the new features to look forward to posting the update.

Prisma app update: Crop and rotate feature

Users get to crop the images or rotate them 90 degrees along any direction before they apply the desired filter. This no doubt will allow better control over the image that they wish to make an artistic masterpiece of.

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Prisma app update: Filter-blend control

prisma 2

Users will now have more control over the extent to which the filter is to be applied to a given image. Starting with the original image to the maximum extent possible to which it can be rendered, users now have more control as to what extent they wish the image to look like an artwork rendering of the original.

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Prisma app update improves speed

The update also brings along a much-needed performance boost to the app that had started to become notorious for the almost indefinite waiting that one had to endure to achieve the desired results. That is understandable considering the immense popularity of the app which made the servers panting for breath. However, with the bottlenecks having been eased, users can look forward to a much more peppy performance as tasks get done in a jiffy.

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Prisma app update: Split effect

The feature is designed to split the image to display both the effects, the original as well as the ‘artwork,’ as is evident in an Instagram post made by the Prisma Labs. This makes for a nice contrast though the feature right now seems to be available only to iOS users at the moment. No word when it is going to reach Android though that should happen pretty soon going by its popularity among the Android masses.

Prisma app for Windows Phone, video support coming soon

prisma app features

Prisma, the photo editor application that took the world by storm will soon be geting a Windows Phone version. Starting off as an iOS only application, Prisma was made available for Android devices just a few days ago.

Reports suggest that the developers have already started the process of bringing the app to the Windows Store. The beta version of the Windows app is presumed to be released next week. Microsoft’s Project Islandwood is possibly used to make the Windows version of Prisma. Project Islandwood is a bridge used by developers to make Windows versions of their iOS apps. This initiative by Microsoft enables app developers to modify iOS apps into Windows compatible apps with ease.

The outstanding artworks by Prisma makes it stand out of the crowd of other photo editing services like Instagram, PicsArt, Pixlr etc. The team behind the highly acclaimed app has also announced it is planning to add a video feature inside the app.


The app was first released in June 2016 in the Apple App Store. Within a few weeks, it has been downloaded more than 7.5 million times with more than 1 million people actively using the app. Prisma became available for the android devices from 24th of this month. Till now, the app has been installed in about 12.5 million devices. Currently, there are more than 1.5 million regular users of the app around the globe.

How Prisma app works?

Prisma is a photo editing application which uses artificial intelligence and artificial neural network to completely convert a normal image to an artistic masterpiece. Prisma was developed by a small team in Russia led by Alexy Moiseenkov. The makers claim that the app was created just in 45 days. They also boast that the app never received any kind of paid promotion.

To use the app, users need to upload images and choose between an array of filters to make a picture look like an art. Currently, about thirty filters and effects are available for use which will be increased to forty soon. The image is processed in the servers of Prisma Lab where the image is redrawn using artificial intelligence. The redeveloped photo is then pushed back to the user.

Prisma works in a different principal unlike other photo editing apps. Almost every photo editing app adds different effects as layers on top of the original photograph. But in Prisma, the image is worked upon layer by layer and a completely new image is created with the added effects.

Prisma app Officially available for Android on Google Play Store

prisma app features

Finally, the Prisma app is available for download on Android through Google Play Store. The app was earlier made available on beta mode via invite and has now gone public. This means you need not have to wait for an invite or download APK file from unreliable sources for Prisma app to work. The app is currently available directly from the Google Play Store.

With effective use of artificial intelligence, the images captured via Prisma app look more or less like they were actually created by humans instead of computer generated algorithms. The Android app is identical to is iOS counterpart by introducing several filters and effects. You can work out images in such a way that it will look real to third-party.

Prisma App to upgrade with video support

Equipped with over 30 filters, the Android app is similar to that of iOS including the ability to snap a new photo or pick an existing image from the gallery. Prisma app will be upgraded with video support within the next few days. The company is also planning to integrate live video support for the upcoming upgrade before the end of 2016. However, the company sources declined to reveal any further specific information regarding the future roadmap.

In the meantime, Prisma disclosed that they will be deleting least popular styles in an upcoming update and will be replaced with several cool new ones. Even though users will not be happy with the removal of few filters, the Prisma app has been already integrated with several high-quality filters and hence the deficit will be neutralized to some extent.

Even though Prisma is available on Google Play Store, it will take few hours for it be available depending upon the location.

There were rumors that few companies have approached Prisma with a proposal for an acquisition but people close to the company say that the request has been turned down.