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Snapchat vs Instagram Stories: Which one to use?


Snapchat packs the most incredible features that will allow users to share a whole day with friends and this feature is called Stories which Instagram recently replicated the same and added it to their app. The Instagram Stories feature is a lot different than the stories feature on Snapchat. So, …

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Facebook Snapchat rivalry intensifies as social media giant acquires Masquerade


Now, Facebook-owned Masquerade that can transform one’s looks and convert faces in cartoons lookalike competes with Snapchat. Experts hint that this buyout has intensified Facebook’s rivalry with Snapchat that it failed to acquire in 2013. However, Social Media giant did not disclose the amount it spent on this buyout. Interestingly, Masquerade operates on photo/video editing filters and …

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Vulnerabilities in Snapchat Service exposed

Recently, when the security breach case was reported with SnapShot – a photo messaging application, it decided to step up the security. The company said many changes were upcoming. However, it failed to fix the security exploit. All the claims of providing secure service was laid bare when a group …

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