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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tag: Solar System

NASA Messenger data reveals Mercury’s magnetic field is four billion years old

The data provided by the Messenger probe from NASA show that the magnetic field of Mercury could be four billion years old. It makes the ancient magnetic field the oldest in any terrestrial world in the inner solar system. The study led by Dr....

Geysers on Saturn’s moon Enceladus are curtain eruptions from Tiger Strips

Tucson – Researchers have said that the eruptions on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, earlier thought to be geysers similar to jet might be the curtain-like geysers. The eruptions appeared like jet due to the optical illusions created because the researchers earlier looked through the fold...

NASA steps up efforts at finding alien life outside the Solar System

NASA seems adamant to finding life outside our solar system. After SETI, it has added a new team of scientists to work on searching for signs of life. The team had their first meeting with NASA, held this week. The team has been given...

Study reveals earth formed from tiny millimeter-sized asteroid debris

Lund University, Sweden - According to a new study, the tiny-millimeter sized stones that were earlier a part of the earth’s Solar System formed earth. The scientists believe that this cosmic ocean of particles was almost similar to what we now consider as asteroids....

Swedish scientists unveil the details how Mother Earth formed

Sweden - Scientists and astronomers have been studying outer space and assessing how Earth came into being. It was a number of asteroids – cosmic oceans formed by minuscule particles orbiting the sun. Lund University, a Swedish techno-university came up with a detailed study...

MAVEN completes 1000 orbits of Mars, NASA says mission progressing well

NASA’s so-called MAVEN is progressing well and a lot of incredible data has already been gleaned from the mission, which is expected to last one year. MAVEN is orbiting Mars, also known as the Red Planet. As of April 6, MAVEN had reached 1,000...

Sun was 5 billion years late than other Stars of Milky Way, says Space study

Astronomers, and other scientists have been studying the deepest parts of the universe to unravel the mystery of the birth of our galaxy. In process however, they seemed to have figured out the fact that our own Sun is a late bloomer, arriving into...