Microsoft Surface Book i7 finally out: Here’s what you need to know

Microsoft Surface Book i7

Microsoft just announced the all-new Surface Book at its Windows event in New York. Dubbed as the Surface Book i7, it gets that name courtesy of Intel Core i7 processors on board. Microsoft says the latest Surface Book i7 is twice as powerful compared to last year’s model.

Here’s what’s changed with the new Surface Book i7:


Microsoft claims the Surface Book i7 offers up to 30 percent more battery life, which means it can last 16 hours once fully recharged compared to last year’s model which offered 12 hours worth of juice.


The company also announced that the Surface Book i7 has up to twice the graphical prowess of the original Surface Book that debuted last year. It gets a new GPU in the form of GeForce GTX 965M, and upgrades the video memory to 2GB, making it capable of running high-end games as well.


Nothing has changed here as Microsoft has stuck with the same 13.5-inch PixelSense display which has 6 million pixels 3000×2000 (267 PPI), apparently higher than the 13-inch MacBook Pro.


Pricing and Availability

The base model of the new Surface Book i7 is now up for pre-orders on the Microsoft Store starting at $1499, and goes as high as $2399 for the 256GB  model, while its top-of-the-line 1TB HD  variant is priced at a whopping $3299. The device will hit store shelves in the US next month starting November 10. There’s no word yet on its India pricing and availability. 


Debuted in October last year, the Surface Book is apparently the first laptop manufactured by Microsoft in-house, and features unique design aesthetics. It easily transforms itself into a tablet, courtesy of a new technology which the company claims they’ve been working for years called ‘dynamic fulcrum hinge’. It essentially keeps the two halves of the device intact and allows it get seamlessly detached from the keyboard. Besides, it’s also compatible with Microsoft’s new Surface Pen, thereby giving the device added functionality.

Notably, Microsoft’s announcement of the new Surface Book i7 comes a day ahead of Apple, where the iPhone-maker is expected to unleash its new range of MacBooks.

Microsoft Surface Book i7 unveils with massive 16 hours battery life, pre-orders start today

Microsoft Surface Book i7

Microsoft has just introduced the new Surface Book i7 at its Windows 10 Event in the New York City today. The new laptop carries the same hinge design as expected and is said to have 2 times more graphics than the previously launched versions. The company claims to have 3 times more graphic capabilities than the latest Apple MacBook Pro. It features the latest core i7 processor. The Surface Book is a 2-in-1 convertible, which means it can be used as a tablet. The hinge design gives it the freedom to rotate it to 180 degrees.


Microsoft is betting big on its performance. The company says that it has redesigned the thermal system to install a second fan into it, which improves the performance to a greater extent. Microsoft has stuffed more batteries to it in order to increase it battery life, while keeping the light form factor. Microsoft Surface Book can last for 16 hours of usage on a single charge.

surface book i7

Microsoft is accepting pre-orders for Surface Book starting today i.e. October 26. The device is priced at $2399. Users can expect the deliveries by next month. There is no mention of its arrival in India as of now. The Microsoft Windows 10 is still going on. You can watch the live stream on Microsoft official website.