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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Massive DDoS attack takes down Twitter, PayPal, Reddit and more

DDos atack on Twitter, Spotify, Reddit
In the latest internet security breach, hackers initiated a complex cyber attack using devices such as digital recorders and webcams restricting access to some of the most popular websites such as Twitter, PayPal and Spotify. Dyn, a New Hampshire-based network infrastructure company that essentially manages...

Twitter puts an end to 140-character limit with support to GIF, videos and more

Just now Twitter confirmed that it is suspending the 140 characters limits in tweets, the company said that from now on, it would not be counting anything other than plain text in tweets. That means you can now add emojis, photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and...

Twitter plans shutting down the Bengaluru development centre, to hand over pink slips to 60 employees

Bengaluru development centre
In a sudden development, Twitter has decided to shut down the Bengaluru development centre in India. According to sources, nearly 60 employees with receive official pink slips with few reports stating that only 20 staff will be laid off. However, the company has not yet...

Twitter likely to dump the 140-character limit from September 19

character limit
According to reports, Twitter is planning to scrap its 140-character limit from September 19. The limit will not count usernames, links, images, and videos. In May 2016, the social media giant had announced plans to relax the 140-character limit to make the platform more engaging. The big...

Twitter confirms suspending 250000 more accounts promoting terrorism

Twitter has officially confirmed the closure of 235,000 accounts in the past six months for violating its policy on terrorism. Back in February, the company said it had shut down more than 1,25,000 accounts since mid-2015 for the same, which brings the total number...

Facebook, Instagram and NBC team up for Rio Olympics 2016

facebook rio olympics 2016
Facebook and Instagram have collaborated with NBC to cover and broadcast the 2016 Summer Rio Olympics that is going to start this month in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. To get real time videos, a Social Command Center has been set up in the city. A...

Twitter account verification gets easy with new process: Here’s how to use it

Twitter has launched a new mechanism with which you will be able to apply to get your Twitter account verified. The move will likely increase the total number of users with a "blue badge" verified icon. While the service is available in the US,...

Facebook Live could render TV obsolete, Completely!

Facebook Live
It is a globally agreeable fact that most of the content viewership is fast moving from the TV as a medium to the internet. While the television alone held its USP of live viewership until earlier, this year, now things have changed. In April, Facebook...

Pokemon Go surpasses Facebook with more average daily usage

Pokemon Go tips
New stats have revealed that Pokemon Go is getting more daily user engagement compared to popular mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter. The data comes from mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which claims that users are spending more time playing the augmented reality game,...

Activist Huma Dar’s Facebook account deactivated, Protests against killing of Burhan Wani

kashmir facebook huma dar
Since 11 July, Monday, social media has been erupting in outrage against the alleged reports of the Facebook account of a pro-Kashmir activist, Huma Dar being blocked. The account has been reportedly blocked to contain the political unrest in the region. The internet in the...

Twitter boasts over 10 million Chinese users despite web censorship

Micro-blogging website Twitter has estimated in a media report that it has nearly 10 million Chinese users. The U.S .firm which has been banned in China since 2009, has shown that even in the time of hardship it has not lost its loyalist who...

Twitter, Vine now allows video upload of up to 140 seconds

In a recent development, Twitter is now allowing its users to post longer videos of up to 140 seconds. Since the start of 2016, Twitter’s Video engagement has increased by around 50 percent. This step will allow users to be more creative while publishing...

Twitter ‘Go Live’ Periscope button rolls out for Android and iOS

On 15 June 2016, Twitter introduced the new Periscope button on Android and iOS to broadcast live videos. Apps like Snapchat allow videos to be broadcasted in real-time, and then there is live-streaming on Facebook. Earlier Twitter started testing the option with a small number...

Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest taken down by hackers

Mark Zuckerberg
Even Mark Zuckerberg co-founder and CEO of Facebook could not be spared from being a target of cyber crime. The Twitter and Pinterest account of Zuckerberg got hacked this week, and OurMind Team claims to take full responsibility for it. Last month more than 6.5...

Twitter to increase Characters Limit in tweets for better User Friendliness

Owing to a stagnant user growth, Twitter Inc. has decided to make changes in their writing flexibility on 17th May. Photos and links will now not be added as a part of the 140 character limit, said a Bloomberg report. Currently, the links take 23...

Twitter Turns 10 today: Accomplishments and what future holds for the Blue Bird

Today, Twitter completes 10 years of operation with the social networking tool reaching new heights among people all over the world. With hashtags becoming a reality, the ability to search messages from the Big Data of Twitter has been simplified to a great extent. Launched...

UC Browser Inks deal with Twitter and Microsoft Bing for cricket content aggregation

UC Browser, India's No. 1 mobile browser has inked the deal with Twitter and Microsoft Bing to provide Cricket related information through its revamped UC Cricket app, ahead of the exciting season, which includes T-20 world cup and the upcoming IPL tournaments. Taking into account...

Twitterati mourn proposed plan to prioritize tweets

Twitter users mourned reported plan to prioritize tweets. A report on the popular media portal, which went live on February 5, revealed that tweets will be reordered as per the priority instead of the current chronological order. If this plan is implemented, users will view those...

Apple plans to offer paid subscription content via its Apple News app: Report

Apple News app
Apple Inc., has plans of offering subscription content available through its Apple News app, which will give publishers (with paywalls), a new way of controlling who has viewed the articles. Under this plan, the company offers the users an option to subscribe to paid...

Twitter goes offline, suffers widespread outage across Europe and Asian countries

Twitter suffers widespread outage
Recently, Twitter suffered a massive widespread outage across many European and Asian countries. Users faced access problems that lasted for an hour. For some Indian users, the social media site was down on Monday evening as well while trying to access Twitter through web...

Is Twitter planning to expand 140 characters in a tweet limit to 10,000 characters soon?

Twitter has announced that it will not hesitate to extend the maximum character count for a tweet to more than 140. According to a recent report surfaced online, Twitter is planning to increase the character limit to 10,000. If Twitter throws open the doors to such...