WD launches My Cloud Pro series network storage units starting Rs 41990

WD My Cloud Pro India

Western Digital Corporation has launched network attached storage (NAS) under My Cloud Pro Series. The newly launched NAS series is exclusively designed to cater to the demands of the creative community. This will enable you to edit, save and share production files from anywhere provided if you have an active Internet connectivity.

With the capability to store plenty of files, the My Cloud Pro Series NAS storage units are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. This step will enable consumers to not only save their data but also keep them organized. The end result is that the entire workflow will be streamlined.

Enjoy seamless content via My Cloud Pro Series

With My Cloud Pro Series, you can access seamless content via various gadgets with typical WD reliability and speed. Moreover, My Cloud Pro Series units are also completely compatible with the Plex Media Server and My Cloud OS software. Hence, you can easily edit, stream and share content.

Commenting on the launch, Khalid Wani, Director, Content Solutions Business, India, Middle East and Africa, WD disclosed that the Indian market is witnessing a huge boom in creative community, SMEs and DIY enthusiasts. This has created a prominent need for portability, reliability, capacity, speed and interoperability.

Wani added that My Cloud Pro Series efficiently caters to all the requirements with a feature-rich storage solution designed to fit seamlessly into one’s workflow. You can easily use the product for storage, transfer, backup, editing including streaming options.

My Cloud Pro Series capable of data import from gadgets

Equipped with 32TB storage, the My Cloud Pro Series NAS are capable of importing data from the camera, memory cards and other similar USB storage solutions with a simple one-touch backup button. As a consumer, you can simply connect cameras and USB storage solutions to backup or import the files.

The My Cloud Pro Series NAS equipments are available with select retail and channel partners including e-commerce sites. The company is offering a 2-year limited warranty for diskless models and 3-year limited warranty for populated models.

MY CLOUD PR2100 with 0TB space is available for Rs. 41990. You will be able to expand storage to 16TB. The same model with 12TB storage is priced at Rs. 84,990. While the diskless model of MY CLOUD PR4100 is available at Rs. 54,990, the 24TB model costs Rs. 149,990.

WD launches redesigned My Passport, My Book hard drives in India starting at Rs. 7980

Western Digital (WD) launches its redesigned My Passport and My Book hard drives in India which are equipped with features such as password protection and hardware encryption.

My Passport is a portable external hard drive which comes in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB  storage variants priced at Rs. 7,980, Rs. 11,910 and Rs. 17,140 respectively. It’s a blend of style and storage with its textured design and 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Besides, it also gets password protection which ensures that all your valuable data is safely protected with a password.

While My Book is a desktop storage device and comes with a capacity of up to 8TB. It also gets security features such as password protection and data encryption. It will be available in 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB variants priced at Rs. 13,050, Rs. 16,470, Rs. 26,600 and Rs. 29,500 respectively.

Our endeavor is to add value through our products consistently and this time also our team has gone ahead of the curve with elevating design quotient on the new My Passport and My Book drives to enhance user-experience”, said Khalid Wani, Director – Content Solutions Business, India, Middle East and Africa, Western Digital.

The newly reimagined design language is meant to amplify our personal connection to data. As the data use is drastically evolving and has become an integral part of our lives, we aim to focus on reiterating the importance of personalizing data solutions that excite people while preserving and cherishing their precious memories.

In addition, both hard drives offer automatic backup and come bundled with WDD Backup software. Moreover, Western Digital is also offering a 2-year limited warranty on the newly launched My Passport and My Book hard drives. Both storage devices are available for purchase across select retailers in the country and will be available in black, red, white and blue colour options.

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra storage system launched in India for Rs. 17499


Western Digital Corporation (WD) has released its new NAS (network-attached storage) device called WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra – a simple plug and play device that gives users up to 16TB of storage across your entire network for the Indian market. The EX2 Ultra will be available in two configurations – one with no hard drives (add your own) for Rs. 17,499, and the other in 4TB configuration for Rs. 35,499.

Out of the box, the device comes in a simple enclosure and looks quite sleek with a curved one-piece gray front panel that forms nicely rounded curves on either side. LED indicators are housed on top which depicts the status of EX2 Ultra’s drives. On its back, the drive houses a pair of USB 3.0 ports along with a Gigabit Ethernet port that will connect the drive to your entire home network. The EX2 Ultra doesn’t get a power button as there’s a button on top that acts as a hinge. Pressing the button reveals a pair of 2.5-inch drive bays which are occupied by two Red 4TB hard drives. A small metal bracket holds the two devices that can be removed using a single tool-less screw.

Under the hood, the My Cloud EX2 Ultra is powered by a slightly beefier 1.3GHz dual-core processor compared to its predecessor, and also gets 1GB of RAM. NAS drives are like tiny dedicated servers, hence juicy hardware definitely counts.

The setup is pretty simple, just plug in the NAS server and connect to your home or office network via the Ethernet port. After which, the drive will show up on your home network. The EX2 Ultra also offers a slew of additional cloud-focused features if you download the software and sign-up for a Western Digital account. For instance, ‘My Cloud’ gives users remote access to anything on the drive from the web browser, or via free apps available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Stay tuned for our exhaustive brass tacks review of the My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Keep checking this space for more.

Western Digital My Passport X Gaming Hard Drive Review: A Pricey Delight for Xbox Gamers

WD My Passport X

Western Digital is known for its word class external storage solutions and has been making ultimate storage solutions such as My Passport Ultra and My Passport Wireless. However, this time, WD has decided to rejoice Xbox Gamers with its My Passport X hard drive. It is designed to fulfil the essential storage expansion need of gamers. It is available in black color with 2TB storage capacity on Amazon at 9,538 INR.

Box Contents:

  1. Hard Drive Unit
  2. USB Cable
  3. User Guide

WD My Passport X (2)

WD My Passport X ditches the backup software that often comes with external storage devices. Specifically designed for gamers, My Passport X is compatible with Xbox One console or a PC.

It’s sleek, and portable design is an ideal companion for your Xbox One or Xbox 360. It is only 231g heavy and 0.83mm thick. It empowers you to take and share your gaming lifestyle with friends on their console.

WD My Passport X (7)

It is a plug-n-play device with USB 3.0 compatibility. You don’t have to uninstall the games just to play one new game; you just need to connect this device with you Xbox and within 60 seconds you get extended storage capacity.

Provided USB cable is not long, but that doesn’t bother as it doesn’t require a separate power supply, just plug in the Xbox’s USB port and it is ready. First and foremost, its gaming portability, you can plug it in your friend’s Xbox without having to re-download. But, you must be logged into your Xbox live account.

WD My Passport X (5)

According to WD, it has room for up to 50 Xbox games and 250 Xbox 360 games. The number are based on
Connecting My Passport Ultra to your Xbox is like experiencing lightning quick gaming due to its USB 3.0 compatibility. Of course, it does support USB 2.0 ports as it is compatible with Xbox 360.

WD My Passport X (6)

Considering the importance of your data, WD designs hard drives for durability with shock tolerance and long-term reliability. You also get peace of mind with its 2 years limited warranty.

Pricing is on a bit higher end, so it may not be the cheapest option if you look at the counterparts, but it is optimized and designed primarily for Xbox one and Xbox 360. WD My Passport X in an ultimate option to expand your gaming experience without losing your favourite games just because of space crisis.

Western Digital rolls-out high performance WD Black hard drives of up to 6TB in storage capacity


Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) has started shipping its WD Black line of performance-level Desktop hard drives with storage expandability up to 6 TB. WD believes that this expansion will benefit gamers in particular who are constantly looking to feed their hunger for high-performance systems.

WD Black hard drives consist of 7200 RPM, 128 MB cache, dual stage actuator, SATA 6 Gb/s interface and an integrated dual processor. According to the company, WD Black 6 TB hard drives perform up to 29% faster than 4 TB variants with max. data rate throughput.

However, alongside gamers, WD Black hard drives mainly try to fulfil the purpose of empowering its Desktop customers with positively balanced capacity, performance and reliability, says WD’s Khwaja Saifuddin.

WD Black 6 TB hard drives are powered by StableTrac technology, which does the job of securing motor shaft inside of the hard disk for increased security reliability.

Increased DRAM cache improves algorithms by optimizing cache between reads and writes. Additionally, it helps reducing congestion and increasing performance.

A dual core processor in WD 6 TB hard drives provides double the processing ability as a single-core to amplify drive execution for faster operation speeds, backed by 5-year limited warranty.

WD Black 5 TB (WD5001FZWX) and WD Black 6 TB (WD6001FZWX) cost Rs. 21,000 and Rs. 22,575 respectively.

Western Digital cloud storage devices enhance with significant changes

WD My Cloud OS 3

Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC) has introduced significant enhancements to its My Cloud personal storage devices for its consumers in India.

The enhancement includes a remodeled operating system i.e. My Cloud OS 3, Software Development Kit (SDK) and a new 2nd Gen cloud storage device named My Cloud Mirror.

Director, Content Solutions Business, India, Middle East and Africa – Khalid Wani said that the company has made privacy, control and management of users’ data easier than before.

My Cloud OS 3

WD’s My Cloud OS 3 features an easy user interface, backup and sync capabilities. It also features MyCloud.com that permit users’ worldwide access to their My Cloud and enables file sharing.

The new WD Sync feature syncs data across multiple devices, ensuring the availability of all files to users from almost any device. The new OS also allows users to set-up automatic camera-roll backup of images from smartphones and tablets.

The new OS is compatible with Chromebook notebook and Chromecast.

My Cloud Device SDK and My Cloud API

Western Digital (WD) has also launched the Docker-based My Cloud Device SDK and My Cloud API, which enable developers to develop new extensions and features within My Cloud ecosystem. It ensures that developers can easily access and collaborate to design customized experiences.

Plex, WD’s partner, has already started developing extensions and new features based on the new My Cloud SDK and APIs.

My Cloud Mirror – Personal Cloud Storage Device


Along with My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud SDK, WD has also unveiled a new version of the My Cloud personal storage device named My Cloud Mirror. The 2nd-Gen My Cloud Mirror features two hard drives set to (RAID 1), which ensures that content stored on first drive, automatically copied to a second drive. The Gen 2 My Cloud Mirror device includes new features like improved processor with 512MB of RAM.

Availability and Pricing

Free to download, Western Digital My Cloud OS 3 will be available at the end of the month for Indian consumers on My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror and My Cloud Expert Series EX2/EX4. Whereas, My Cloud SDK Kit and My Cloud API will be available for developers in late September.

WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 personal cloud storage device will be available at a price of Rs. 23,500 for purchase for 4TB, Rs. 30,000 for 6TB, Rs. 37,500 for 8TB and Rs. 55,000 for 12TB variants. The device will hit the stores from November onwards via all major WD’s resellers and online partners.

WD My Passport Pro External Hard Drive for Mac: Hands-on Review

As our devices are getting better day by day and urge of having better quality in everything is increasing, the size files is getting bigger as well. And yes, better quality means bigger files, and bigger files mean more space and fast access required. The leading storage solutions provider like Western Digital aka WD are well aware of this ever-increasing hunger for more storage space, so they have come up a nice range of external hard drives for both Mac and Windows based machines.


Our laptops are getting slimmer and thinner, which actually doesn’t offer high-capacity internal storage, and it’s like impossible to keep all the data on your laptop only. It is also a reason where our requirement of an external drive comes to life.


I am using a MacBook Air, which comes with 256GB of internal storage only and not enough for my storage needs as I am a hobby photographer as well. I love to click pictures in high-quality, so I am always in need of more storage to store the collection of my photos. But as a Mac user, I prefer to use a drive that is specifically made for Macs only because it allows the high-speed transfer of data and risk of data loss due to any technical incompatibility is also less.


I got WD’s My Passport Pro 4TB portable external hard drive for review, and I am using it for a while now. If you’re looking for external storage options, you should read this review.
WD offers four types of external drives for Mac, and My Passport Pro is their flagship model that comes with all the latest tech they have to offer. The drive comes in 2TB and 4TB storage capacity variants, and what we reviewed is a 4TB variant.


The drive has an all metal casing with a very smooth finish that looks premium, just like what Apple users like to use. The drive has an integrated Thunderbolt cable, yes no USB connector, so your two or three only USB ports are still free to use, isn’t it a nice approach by WD? But the main reason for using the Thunderbolt is to meet the hard drive’s power requirement.


My Passport Pro is a very high speed and high efficient drive, so it needs more power to perform, and yes this has made WD to eliminate the requirement of AC adaptor to power up the drive.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.23.39 PM

At the top, My Passport Pro achieves 233MB/S transfer speeds on normal usage. The rates are just more than double of what USB 3.0 drive can ever achieve. I tried transferring a folder having about 700 big and small files of about 50GB total in size, and it just took about 8 minutes to finish the transfer! The performance is just remarkable.


The 4TB variant is having two 2TB drives encased in a single housing, but they perform just as a one single unit. The drive has a physical fan installed, just in case if it gets heated up during long hours of usage.



The dimensions of the 2TB drive are 143.4X88.5X28.7 mm whereas 4TB drive is 143.4X88.5X44.2 mm in size. The 4TB variant is quite bulky and thick, which is something that Apple products users don’t prefer, but sometimes we have to negotiate slimness for sturdiness and durability.


If you need to use the drive for transferring big amount of data that will take time, I strongly recommend you to plug in the charger of your MacBook. The drive is so power hungry that it will suck all the juice out of your battery in no time.


The drive comes with WD Drives Utilities software that allows a user to maintain the drive easily. It let you run several diagnostic tests to ensure the health and optimal functioning of the drive. The other features of utility include RAID management and secure deletion of data & formatting of the drive.

WD My Passport Pro Price:

  • 2 TB My Passport Pro – approximately Rs. 24,000
  • 4 TB My Passport Pro – approximately Rs. 33,000

The drives are now available to buy both online and at the retail stores.



  • Amazing build quality – All thanks to the metal casing
  • Amazing performance – faster than USB 3.0 drives
  • WD Drives Utility – makes it pretty easy to manage the drive settings
  • Comes with three years of limited warranty
  • No AC power adapter required


The BAD:

  • Bulky – Two drives encased in one which makes it heavier
  • Costly – Prices are quite high
  • Power hungry
  • The drive will solely work on Mac OS X only, not with
  • Windows even in the Boot Camp or any other virtual environment
  • The inbuilt fan is pretty noisy


The verdict:

WD My Passport Pro, as the name suggests is made for the professionals, and it stands up perfectly to what it claims and offer. It is one of the best options out in the market for Mac users without any doubt. If budget is no issue, I will highly recommend this drive.