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Founders & Managing Editor

Nitin Agarwal: An entrepreneur by birth, blogger by choice, and geek by heart. He founded Sprouts Media, a blogs/websites network company, currently owns over 10 popular web properties, to cater his passion of journalism and entrepreneurship. He is also known as an avid reader, technology enthusiast, explorer, and a broken lover. His passion for knowledge keeps him running all the time.

A pure vegetarian, who believes in reincarnation & law of karma and follows the philosophy of “Live and let others Live” because all living beings have equal right on the resources of this planet. He loves to write about Technology and Social Issues on his blogs. He can be reached at nitin [at]

Mohammed Faizan Azmathullah: Dr. Faizan hails from the city of Nizams, Hyderabad, and is currently pursuing his M.D. from there only. He is an internet wizard and has keen passion in All Things Internet. Both Nitin & Faizan founded the PC-Tablet brand in order to provide latest insights over technology and consumer electronics market of India.

Product Manager & Editors

Ashutosh Aggarwal: Ashutosh is a social geek blogger and tech enthusiast from the old city of Rewari, but currently lives in Delhi to share his enthusiasm with PC-Tablet team. He loves writing about technology and photography. He specializes the field of Internet Marketing and interested to dig deeper in the world of blogging and social media. You can contact him at

Parasshuram Shalgar: He is the manager of Sprouts Media Network, the parent company of PC-Tablet. Parasshuram, with over 12 years of experience in the field of Online publishing, is an expert in SEO, ad placement and network building. He is responsible for all aspects of content management including recruiting and training of writers on various topics from across the world for Sprouts Media.

Gadgets Ninja

Shipra Sharma: Shipra nurses a deep passion for any kind of technical or technological happenings all around the globe. She is currently putting up in Delhi. Internet is her forte and writing articles on the net for modern day technological wonders are her only hobby. You can find her at

Authors & Journalists

Manoj Nair: Manoj is the senior writer and responsible for managing software and tablets section of PC-Tablet. He is very passionate about Gadgets & Technology and always looking around to use them in an innovative way in daily life. He reviews Gadgets & Applications to tell users about their optimum use to get the most out of in which they’ve put their time and hard earned money. You can contact Manoj at

Nitika Agarwal: Nitika is a MCA graduate and works as all-round technology news writer at PC-Tablet. In free time, she works on Photoshop and plays GTA V on her Xbox. A tech-enthusiast at heart, she explores ways that businesses can leverage the Internet and move their businesses to the next level. You can contact her at

Sameep Munshi: A casual guy with no definite plans for the day, he enjoys life to the fullest. A tech geek and coder, he also likes to hack apart hardware. He has a big passion for Linux, open source, gaming and blogging. He believes that the world is an awesome place and we’re here to enjoy it! He’s currently the youngest member of the team. You can contact him at

Nitish Shaw: An aspiring novelist and a random blogger, Nitish is also a porky-mouthed banter specialist when it comes to football (soccer), films, TV Series, History and socio-economic issues. He travels, indulges in music and plays outdoor sports to get his creative juices flowing.

“There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”- Quote this, and you will be his favourite person for at least as long as the two of you can hold up the conversation.

Ashlyn Fernandes: Ashlyn is a young communications professional with disciplined training and apt exposure. He has been a voice for a number of media houses in the country and overseas. Travel, Technology, Consumer, Real Estate and Healthcare have been his main areas of practice using conventional messaging with effective digital strategies.

Ashlyn paints optimistic thoughts in riotous colours on canvas; sketches charcoal-ingrained stark black and white within confined A4 spaces; and cooks to bring out the subtle nuance of each spice and celery shred. He grows orchids and chews his nails to the bone as he watches them die in Mumbai’s polluted environs.

Anand Narayanaswamy: Anand works as a freelance technology journalist based in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Anand had contributed content for various websites and also worked as a chief technical editor for He also contributed content for several print magazines like DevPro (formerly asp.netPRO) and his headshot appeared on the front page of the July 2006 issue of the magazine. He is also involved with reviewing books prior to publication for InformIT, Packt and others.

Anand was recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional from 2002 to 2011. He also regularly contributes content for Digit Fasttrack supplement and also for the online version of Digit. When he is free, he plays with all type of gadgets which includes Palm handheld.

Amit Rahi: He is a tech worm who always keeps an eye on the latest tech news. He is a master at Android and Windows “how to” articles. He knows every single bit of Android OS. You will always find him playing PC games, reading tech news, flashing custom ROMs to Android phones and blogging most of the time. At PC-Tablet, he is responsible to update the readers with latest tips, tricks, & hacks to take the most out of their gadgets.

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