AirPower’s Unfulfilled Promise: A Look at Apple’s Discontinued Wireless Charger

 Discover the story of AirPower, Apple's once-anticipated wireless charging solution that never made it to market. Learn about its features, challenges, and why it was ultimately canceled.

In a recent unveiling, a prototype of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat, which was originally announced in 2017 and canceled in 2019, has been brought back into the spotlight. A video posted by an Apple prototype collector showcased the AirPower successfully charging an Apple Watch, a task that today’s wireless chargers struggle with due to the proprietary nature of the Apple Watch charger. However, the prototype highlighted some of the core issues that led to its discontinuation, such as overheating, which remains a challenge in wireless charging technology.

AirPower was designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously, including an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, without needing precise alignment on the mat. This was made possible by integrating multiple charging coils that could overlap, providing flexibility in device placement. The original vision for AirPower included unique features like on-screen animations to show charging status directly on the iPhone, enhancing the user experience.

Despite the innovative concept, AirPower faced significant technical hurdles. Overheating was a major issue, as the multiple overlapping coils generated excessive heat, which not only affected charging efficiency but also posed a safety risk. These challenges forced Apple to cancel the project in 2019, stating that the product did not meet their high standards.

Following the cancellation of AirPower, Apple shifted its focus to MagSafe, a technology introduced with the iPhone 12 series, which incorporates magnets to align devices precisely for optimal charging. This not only simplifies the charging process but also addresses the alignment issues inherent in previous wireless charging technologies.

While the resurrection of the AirPower prototype has reignited interest in what could have been a revolutionary product, it also underscores the practical challenges that continue to constrain the wireless charging industry. Apple’s ongoing commitment to improving wireless charging is evident, but whether they will revisit a concept like AirPower remains to be seen


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