Airtel Business Collaborates with Adani Energy for Smart Meter Implementation

In a significant development in India’s digitalization of the power sector, Airtel Business, the B2B division of Bharti Airtel, has announced a partnership with Adani Energy Solutions Limited (AESL) to implement over 20 million smart meters across the country. This initiative aligns with India’s ambitious smart metering program, marking a critical stride towards modernizing the nation’s power grid infrastructure.

Key Highlights:

  • Airtel Business to provide over 20 million smart meters for Adani Energy Solutions Limited.
  • Airtel’s nationwide communications network to ensure reliable connectivity for AESL’s smart meter deployments.
  • The collaboration aims to support India’s smart metering program and digitalization of the power sector.

Airtel Business Collaborates with Adani Energy for Smart Meter Implementation

The deal will see Airtel Business leveraging its nationwide communications network, including technologies such as NB-IoT, 4G, and 2G, to facilitate real-time connectivity and data transfer between the smart meters and headend applications. In addition to this, Airtel’s IoT platform, the ‘Airtel IoT Hub,’ will be instrumental in tracking and monitoring these smart meters. It provides advanced analytics, diagnostic capabilities, and real-time insights, thereby enabling enhanced control for customers over their energy usage.

Adani Energy Solutions, with an extensive order book of over 20 million smart meters from various Indian states, aims to revolutionize the energy distribution system. This collaboration is expected to play a crucial role in reducing inefficiencies and improving service delivery in the power distribution network.

Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, CEO of Airtel Business (India), emphasized the importance of smart meters as fundamental enablers for the digitalization of the power sector. He expressed confidence in Airtel’s NB-IoT technology’s capability to manage smart meters effectively, ensuring enhanced coverage, reliability, and security.

Kandarp Patel, CEO of Adani Energy Solutions Ltd., highlighted the partnership as a critical step towards achieving a smarter and more efficient grid. He stressed that the strategic tie-up combines AESL’s expertise in the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector with Airtel’s robust network and comprehensive suite of IoT offerings. This union is set to empower millions of consumers with real-time consumption data and control, thereby transforming India’s power delivery system.

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