Home News Alleged OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Schematic Reveals Complete Design Ahead of Launch

Alleged OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Schematic Reveals Complete Design Ahead of Launch

Alleged OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Schematic Reveals Complete Design Ahead of Launch

The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, a highly anticipated addition to the OnePlus lineup, has been the subject of numerous leaks that reveal a robust set of features and specifications ahead of its expected launch. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the rumored attributes of this upcoming smartphone, slated for a release in the latter half of 2024.

Overview of Key Specifications

The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is rumored to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, enhancing its performance capabilities significantly compared to its predecessors. This processor will likely be paired with options for 16GB or even up to 24GB of LPDDR5x RAM, and substantial internal storage capacity of up to 1TB, making it a powerhouse in terms of processing and multitasking abilities.

Display and Design

In terms of display, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro might feature a 6.78-inch BOE S1 OLED 8T LTPO panel, offering a resolution of 1.5K and a peak brightness of 6,000 nits, ensuring vivid and sharp visuals under various lighting conditions. The design is expected to incorporate a metal middle frame and a glass back, maintaining a sleek and premium aesthetic.

Camera Capabilities

Photography enthusiasts may look forward to a potent camera setup, highlighted by a Sony LYT800 50-megapixel primary sensor. While details on additional sensors are sparse, the main camera alone suggests significant photographic capabilities.

Battery and Charging

The device is also tipped to include a robust 6,000mAh dual-cell battery, supporting 100W fast charging. This feature suggests that the phone will not only last longer on a single charge but will also replenish its battery quickly when needed.

Additional Features

Continuing the trend of high-end specifications, the display is reported to support a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth scrolling and an enhanced visual experience, particularly for gaming and high-resolution video playback.

Market Position and Expectations

The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro could potentially launch alongside the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro in regions where its predecessor was available, although global availability remains uncertain. This model seems poised to cater to tech enthusiasts and power users looking for top-tier performance and cutting-edge features in their smartphones.

As the launch date approaches, the tech community eagerly anticipates official announcements from OnePlus. The rumored specifications suggest that the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro will be a formidable competitor in the high-end smartphone market, appealing to users who demand exceptional performance and advanced features.



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