Amazfit Launches Cheetah Pro Kelvin Kiptum Edition: A Tribute to Marathon Legend

Amazfit Launches Cheetah Pro Kelvin Kiptum Edition
Discover the Amazfit Cheetah Pro Kelvin Kiptum Edition smartwatch, a tribute to the marathon world record holder. Limited edition, Kenyan flag colors, sales support charity.

Amazfit, the renowned smart wearable brand by Zepp Health, has unveiled the Cheetah Pro Kelvin Kiptum Commemorative Edition smartwatch in a touching tribute to the late marathon icon Kelvin Kiptum. Kiptum, who had been an Amazfit brand ambassador, tragically passed away in a car crash on February 11th, 2024. Known for his incredible athleticism and as the men’s marathon world record holder, his untimely death has moved Amazfit to honor his legacy in a significant way.

The Cheetah Pro Kelvin Kiptum Commemorative Edition smartwatch is not just a testament to Kiptum’s extraordinary achievements in marathon running but also embodies his vibrant spirit and dedication. The watch is distinctively designed with the colors of the Kenyan flag and bears Kiptum’s signature, echoing his indomitable spirit and his wish to see the Kenyan flag celebrated. Limited to 235 pieces, reflecting Kiptum’s world record marathon time of 2:00:35, the smartwatch represents a rare collector’s item for both sports enthusiasts and watch collectors alike.

In addition to commemorating Kiptum’s legacy through this exclusive smartwatch, Zepp Health, through Amazfit, has announced a partnership with the Kelvin Kiptum Foundation. This collaboration includes a generous donation of $100,000 to the foundation, with proceeds from the sales of the commemorative watch also contributing to the cause. The initiative aims to support young athletes and promote education and infrastructure development in Kenya, continuing Kiptum’s mission of empowerment and community development.

The smartwatch will be available for purchase at the Rotterdam Marathon Expo, an event closely associated with Kiptum’s aspirations to break the two-hour marathon barrier. Following the expo, the watch will also be offered online starting from April 11th, 2024, allowing fans worldwide to partake in honoring Kiptum’s memory.

Amazfit’s role extends beyond releasing a commemorative watch; the brand will serve as the official sponsor and timekeeper of the Rotterdam Marathon 2024. The marathon will feature several tributes to Kiptum, including the retirement of his bib number 1 and a special trophy presented to his family, reinforcing the marathon’s significance in commemorating Kiptum’s pursuit of excellence.

This initiative by Amazfit and the subsequent activities planned around the Rotterdam Marathon highlight the profound impact Kelvin Kiptum had on the world of athletics and the communities he touched. It stands as a testament to how technology, sports, and solidarity can come together to celebrate and continue the legacy of an extraordinary individual whose life, though cut short, continues to inspire many around the globe​.


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