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Amazon Fire TV Now Offers AI-Powered Voice Results to Simplify Your Search: How It Works

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has introduced new AI-powered features for its Fire TV devices, aiming to make content discovery more intuitive and user-friendly. The highlight of these updates is the enhanced conversational voice search, which leverages generative AI to provide more natural and engaging interactions.

Enhancements in Fire TV’s Voice Search

The upgraded voice search on Fire TV is designed to operate more like a conversation, thanks to Amazon’s new large language model. Users can ask Alexa nuanced or open-ended questions about genres, actors, storylines, or even specific scenes. For example, instead of stating a precise title, you might say, “Alexa, show me comedies with a strong female lead,” and Alexa will engage in a dialogue to help you find suitable content. This feature is available on devices like the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and the Fire TV Omni QLED Series TVs​​.

AI-Generated Art Feature

In addition to voice search improvements, Amazon has also rolled out an AI Art feature under the Fire TV Ambient Experience. This allows users to create personalized artwork using simple voice commands. By saying something like, “Alexa, create a painting of a fairy landscape,” users can generate unique images, which can then be set as the TV’s background or saved to an Amazon Photos account. This feature supports various art styles, including watercolor and pixel art, providing a creative way to personalize your Fire TV experience​.

How to Use These New Features

To utilize the AI Art feature, users need to activate the Ambient Experience on their Fire TV devices. This can be done by pressing the Alexa button on the remote and selecting the Ambient Experience option from the shortcuts panel. Once activated, users can describe the desired image, and Alexa will generate multiple options to choose from​.

The conversational voice search is integrated into the Fire TV’s existing voice control functionality, making it easy to start using right away. Just ask Alexa detailed or broad questions about your viewing preferences, and she will guide you through a conversational search process​.


These AI-powered updates are rolling out in stages. The enhanced voice search and AI Art features are initially available in the United States, with broader availability expected in the near future. Specific details on the rollout to other regions and devices will be provided by Amazon as the features expand​​.

Amazon’s integration of generative AI into Fire TV aims to transform how users interact with their devices, making content discovery more intuitive and enjoyable. Whether through a conversational search or creating custom artwork, these features showcase the potential of AI to enhance everyday experiences.



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