Android 15 Beta Rolls Out to Select Phones

Android 15 Beta Rolls Out to Select Phones
Explore the new features of Android 15's first beta, available exclusively on Google Pixel phones, with a rollout plan for Samsung and other devices soon.

The much-anticipated first beta of Android 15, named ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’, has been released, sparking excitement among Android enthusiasts eager to explore the new features of Google’s latest operating system. This initial release, however, is exclusive to Google’s own Pixel devices, starting with the Pixel 9 series, and will later extend to other models.

Android 15 introduces several innovative features and enhancements. Rumored highlights include satellite messaging capabilities, a redesigned volume control panel, and privacy upgrades such as the ability to block location tracking from cell phone carriers. Additionally, a new feature known as Auracast will allow users to connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, transforming their device into a multimedia hub.

Despite the excitement, the rollout of Android 15 will be gradual, with Google aiming for a full public release later this year. Following Google’s lead, Samsung users can also expect the update, but not until the integration of Android 15 into Samsung’s One UI 7, which is anticipated to take a few more months post Google’s final release.

For Samsung, a broad range of devices from the Galaxy S series, Z series, A series, and even the Tab series are slated to receive Android 15, ensuring that both flagship and mid-range devices are covered. This approach reflects Samsung’s commitment to providing at least two major OS upgrades for nearly all its devices.

Additionally, Android 15 brings improvements to the Bluetooth Quick Settings, making it easier to manage connections directly from the quick settings panel. The update also introduces a high-quality USB webcam mode, which promises better image quality compared to previous versions, and a new notification feature aimed at reducing disturbance from frequent notifications from the same app

As with any major OS update, the list of supported devices will grow as other manufacturers announce their schedules. Users are advised to keep an eye on updates directly from their device manufacturers.

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