Android 15 Developer Preview 2: A Glimpse into the Future of Android

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Explore the latest features and improvements in Android 15 Developer Preview 2, including audio sharing, support for Pixel devices, and updates for developers.

Google has recently unveiled the second Developer Preview of Android 15, marking a significant step forward in the development of the next major Android version. Scheduled for a full release later in the year, this early version provides developers with a preview of new features, changes, and improvements that Android 15 will bring to the table.

Key Highlights

  • Release Date and Details: Launched on March 21, 2024, Developer Preview 2 comes with the build number AP31.240223.016.A3 and supports both x86 (64-bit) and ARM (v8-A) emulators.
  • Enhancements and New Features: This update includes notable changes such as improved handling of package stopped states, enhancements to foreground services, and updates to the OpenJDK 17.
  • Audio Sharing Feature: A new “Audio sharing” feature will allow users to play music on multiple headphones simultaneously, enhancing shared listening experiences.
  • Support for Pixel Devices: Android 15 Developer Preview 2 can be installed on a range of Google Pixel devices, including the Pixel 6 series onwards.
  • Future Releases: Following this preview, we can expect one more developer preview, two or three beta releases, and a couple of platform stability releases before the final version is announced, likely around September or October 2024.


The Android 15 Developer Preview 2 is primarily targeted at developers, providing them with an early build to test and adapt their apps for the upcoming Android version. It introduces a slew of new features and improvements across various aspects of the operating system, including user interface refinements, system behaviors, and developer APIs.

One of the standout features of this preview is the introduction of “Audio sharing,” which enables music playback on multiple headphones from a single device. This addition underscores Android’s focus on enhancing shared and social experiences on mobile devices.

A Closer Look at Developer Preview 2

Enhanced User Experience and System Behaviors

  • Audio Sharing: A novel feature that stands out in this preview is audio sharing, which allows multiple headphones to connect to a single device for shared listening experiences. This is indicative of Android’s ongoing efforts to enhance user interactivity and social engagement through technology.
  • Refinements in System Operations: Updates include refined controls for package stopped states and foreground services, suggesting a push towards optimizing app performance and user experience.
  • Elegant Text and Visual Improvements: The default setting of the elegantTextHeight attribute to true, along with HDR headroom and loudness controls, points towards an improved visual and auditory experience on Android devices.

Android 15 also brings updates to improve app compatibility, system stability, and performance. With changes to package stopped states and foreground services, Google aims to provide a smoother, more reliable user experience. Additionally, the adoption of OpenJDK 17 updates signifies Android’s commitment to leveraging the latest in open-source technology.

Developers are encouraged to install the preview on supported Pixel devices to test their apps and provide feedback. However, Google advises caution, as the preview may contain stability, battery, or performance issues and may not be suitable for daily use, especially for users with accessibility needs.

This Developer Preview is not just a peek into the future of Android but also an opportunity for developers to prepare their apps for the next wave of Android innovations. With more updates on the horizon, the Android community can look forward to a host of new features and improvements that will continue to shape the mobile experience.

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