Android Tablets to See Revival of Lockscreen Widgets After a Decade

Android Tablets to See Revival of Lockscreen Widgets After a Decade
Android is set to bring back lockscreen widgets exclusively for tablets, enhancing functionality with modern updates in Android 15.

Android is reintroducing lockscreen widgets, a feature that faded away with Android 5.0 in 2014, with a modern twist tailored for tablets. This revival leverages a new “communal” space accessible on the lockscreen, but the capability to add widgets here is selective, primarily supporting only those in the “keyguard” category such as Google’s own apps. This functionality is part of early developments visible in Android 14’s beta but is primarily geared towards larger screens like the Google Pixel Tablet, particularly in “Hub Mode” for docked use. While glimpses of this feature have emerged, it’s expected to be polished and potentially fully rolled out with Android 15​.

Initially a staple in Android’s earlier versions, lockscreen widgets allowed users to access a variety of tools directly from the lockscreen. This functionality was removed with Android 5.0 but is now set for a comeback in Android 15, inspired by similar features on other platforms. The reintroduction caters specifically to larger-screen devices, particularly in scenarios where the tablet operates in a stationary ‘Hub Mode,’ like when docked​.

This selective rollout is part of Google’s broader strategy to enhance the tablet user experience, aligning with their goal to make tablets more versatile as both portable and home-bound devices. The upcoming Android 15 update will reintroduce a “communal” space on the lockscreen where users can add widgets. However, not all widgets are compatible yet; only those designated under the “keyguard” category, such as Google apps like Calendar and Clock, will function in this new space​​.

The feature is still under refinement. Initial trials reveal that while the widgets do display without unlocking the device, their integration with other lockscreen elements like the clock and notifications is not yet seamless, suggesting that more adjustments are needed before the widgets can offer a clean, user-friendly experience​

As Android continues to polish this feature, with more updates and beta tests anticipated in the near future, the tech community watches keenly. If successful, this could redefine how users interact with their tablets, blending ease of access with functionality.

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