Home News Apple Declares iPhone 6 Plus Officially Obsolete

Apple Declares iPhone 6 Plus Officially Obsolete

Apple Declares iPhone 6 Plus Officially Obsolete

Apple has officially classified the iPhone 6 Plus as obsolete, ending all support and services for the device. This declaration marks the end of an era for a model that was once celebrated for its larger display and advanced features at the time of its release in September 2014.

What Does “Obsolete” Mean?

When Apple labels a product as obsolete, it means the company and its authorized service providers will no longer offer repairs or replacement parts. This status is typically assigned to devices that have been discontinued for more than seven years. For the iPhone 6 Plus, this transition follows its “vintage” status, which it held since September 2022. Vintage devices are those discontinued more than five years ago but less than seven, during which limited support may still be available​​.

Impact on Users

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For current owners of the iPhone 6 Plus, this change means that maintaining the device will become increasingly challenging. Third-party repair shops may still offer some services, but obtaining parts will become difficult. Users are also advised that no software updates, including critical security patches, will be available for the device​.

The Legacy of iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus, launched alongside the iPhone 6, was Apple’s first foray into the larger-screen smartphone market, featuring a 5.5-inch display and introducing Apple Pay. Despite its popularity, the model faced several issues, most notably the “Bendgate” controversy, where the phone’s chassis was found to bend under pressure, leading to touchscreen failures​ ​.

Future of Older Apple Devices

In addition to the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has added the iPad Mini 4 to its vintage list. This indicates that the iPad Mini 4 is also nearing obsolescence, with full support expected to end soon. Other devices, such as the original iPhone, have already been marked obsolete as of June 11, 2024​​.

E-Waste and Apple’s Environmental Initiatives

The obsolescence of older devices contributes to the growing issue of electronic waste (e-waste). Apple has faced criticism in the past for allegedly promoting planned obsolescence but has since made strides towards sustainability. The company aims to eliminate all plastic from its packaging by 2025 and uses recyclable materials in its products. Apple also supports right-to-repair laws and offers free recycling services for its products​​.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, older models like the iPhone 6 Plus inevitably become obsolete. While this may be disappointing for long-time users, it also highlights the continuous evolution in smartphone technology and Apple’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

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