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Apple Increases Cash Rewards for iPhone Trade-Ins

Apple Increases Cash Rewards for iPhone Trade-In

Apple has announced a boost in trade-in values for iPhones, offering customers more cash incentives to upgrade their devices. This strategic move aims to encourage users to switch to the latest models while recycling their old devices.

Details on the New Trade-In Values

Starting next week, Apple users looking to upgrade their iPhones can expect higher trade-in credits for their old devices. Notably, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which previously offered a trade-in value of up to $620, will now be valued up to $630. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE 2 has seen an increase from $70 to $90​.

The new trade-in program is not only limited to iPhones but also includes other Apple devices like iPads and Apple Watches, although the values for some have decreased slightly​.

How the Trade-In Program Works

Customers can process their trade-ins through Apple’s website or at physical Apple Store locations. The trade-in value can either be applied directly to the purchase of a new Apple product or loaded onto an Apple Gift Card for future use​​.

Comparison with Other Retailers

Competitive trade-in deals are also available through third-party providers such as Gazelle and BuyBackWorld, offering additional bonuses and flexible payment options via PayPal, check, or direct deposit. For instance, Gazelle provides a $20 cash bonus for used devices valued at $200 or more.

Market Impact

This enhancement in trade-in values could significantly influence consumer decisions, particularly as Apple gears up for its upcoming product launches. Higher trade-in credits not only make new devices more accessible but also encourage the recycling of older technology, aligning with Apple’s sustainability goals.

Apple’s revised trade-in policy could benefit both the company and its customers by making newer technology more attainable while promoting eco-friendly practices. Customers are advised to check the latest trade-in values and consider their upgrade options as the program rolls out next week.


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