Apple iPad Mini 5 release date in September with 3D Touch and iOS 10

The next generation Apple iPad mini 5 will reportedly be unveiled next month along with the MacBook Pro 2016 and the brand new iPhone 7 line-up. The upcoming tablet is rumored to be the thinnest tablet ever made by Apple. The launch is pretty evident, as the present iPad Mini 4 has almost turned a year old after releasing in September 2015. Previously, Apple used to launch its iPad minis at a separate launch event in the month of October after launching a new iPhone in September. Only from last year, the company combined both the launches into a single event.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Design and Build: 5 mm thin, Aluminium Construction

The upcoming iPad mini will bear Apple’s signature design language but become thinner than the present iPad Mini 4. The next generation tablet is presumed to feature a thickness of just 5 mm in comparison to the 6.1 mm thickness of the current model. This is not at all impossible as there are tablets in the market with thickness lesser than 6 mm. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one of them featuring 5.6 mm thin body.

The build quality of the next generation iPad Mini will be improved by the use of high-grade bend resistant 7000-series aluminum. This is the same material which Apple uses for its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Apple iPad Mini 5: 3D Touch, No 3.5 mm Audio Port

Apple is speculated to equip the iPad mini 5 with the brand new 3D touch technology. This will be the same pressure sensitive touch screen as the company’s iPhone 6S series. This is expected to add a lot of utility to the tablet and thereby increasing its productivity.

Similar to the upcoming iPhone 7 line-up, the next gen iPad mini will also loose the 3.5 mm headphone jack. This may also contribute to the reduced thickness of the device.

Apple iPad Mini 5: Water and Dust Resistant

The iPad Mini 5 is also rumored to be resistant from dust and water damages. The removal of the 3.5 mm port will also facilitate better implementation of this safety feature. Apple may also get it certified by the IPxx authorities.

Apple iPad Mini 5: Better Processor and Lesser Battery

An improved Apple-designed A9X SoC is expected to be powering the upcoming iPad Mini. The chipset will feature a dual-core processor with two twister cores clocked at 2.16 GHz each. A 12-core 7th Generation PowerVR graphics processor will render the graphics.

The battery capacity of the forthcoming iPad will reportedly be reduced to allow that extra thinness. The lesser capacity is rumored to be complemented with a newer technology which will help the iPad Mini give a similar battery life of its predecessor.

Apple iPad Mini 5: Increased RAM and Storage

The coming iPad Mini is speculated to sport 3 GB of RAM upgraded from the current 2 GB RAM. This would enable better multitasking in the new tablet. Starting this year, Apple is presumed to scrap the 16 GB storage variant. Instead, from now on the base model of the iPad Mini will feature 32 GB of internal memory.

Apple iPad Mini 5: OS, Availability, and Pricing

The iPad Mini 5 will probably run the latest iOS 10 out of the box. After being available in US and UK in September, the new iPad will reach India a month later in October.

The base WiFi-only model of the iPad Mini 5 will cost at least Rs. 27,000 in the country, with the increased storage and cellular variants priced incrementally higher.

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