Apple iPhone 6C with 4-inch display, curved edges and new colors may release in March

Apple is scheduled to make a strong comeback in 2016 by launching a smaller form factor iPhone 6C with a 4-inch display. The iPhone 6C is expected to inherit the iPod Touch colors in addition to a new curved edge physical design.

It was widely reported that iPhone 6C will be released at the end of December 2015.

The latest news is that the new device will be released before Q1 2016 with a launch event likely around March second week.

There are unconfirmed reports that the event will also see the launch of the much awaited Apple Watch 2.¬†The iPhone 6C, if released as per schedule, will most likely replace iPhone 5s, which is considered as Apple’s entry level device. Apple iPhone 6C will not only replace the aging 5s smartphone but also to provide users to experience the latest features.

The iPhone 6C is expected to feature an A9 processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB storage in addition to at least 8MP primary camera. The device is expected to include less number of pixels because of the reduced display. There are unconfirmed reports that the device will include expandable memory card slot.

The iPhone 6C will ship with Touch ID fingerprint sensor and enhanced front-facing camera for selfie addicts. As per reports emerging from Chinese blogs, iPhone 6C is expected to feature a 1642mAh battery, which is an upgrade from 5s series.

We are not expecting Apple to integrate 3D Touch with the device since the company has reserved it to be included with its flagship handsets. The inclusion of NFC chip is to provide support for Apple Pay in future

At this point, we are unable to confirm whether iPhone 6c will accompany an OLED display. However, we can expect IPS kind of display which will have the capability to deliver incredible viewing angles.

We are not sure as to how users will react if iPhone 6C includes a 4-inch display. It is because 5-inch smartphones have become a reality and users are migrating to higher display sizes for better readability.

Apple iPhone 6C is expected to be released in three different models – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. We are eager to see how Apple structures the pricing of the upcoming 6C. It is because users will opt for iPhone 6C if it offers improved functionality in a compact 4-inch design.

Apple will likely release iPhone 7 during the fall season in 2016. Hence, it is highly unlikely that the company will name the upcoming release of 6C to 7.

We believe that if Apple sells iPhone 6C at iPod Touch prices, then the company will likely ditch iPod.

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