Apple Watch 2 rumors: Next Apple Watch will reportedly be called iWatch

If rumors are to be believed, the Apple Watch 2 will be named as iWatch. Touted to be launched alongside iPhone 7 on September 7, the Cupertino-based company has already registered the iWatch name in various countries. The company also registered the numerous filings at the USPTO. However, when the device was originally unveiled on September 9, 2014, experts were stunned when the company revealed it as Apple Watch. According to reports, Apple is planning to bring back the iWatch moniker. Interestingly, a company named OMG Electronics reportedly filed to make use of the iWatch name in September 2012. However, it was later found that it was for a timepiece that was being funded on Indiegogo. With a set target of $100,000, OMG managed to raise just $1434. Hence, the efforts of a third-party company to build iWatch never achieved success.

According to industry analysts, the second generation Apple Watch could be named iWatch. It will be released along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The company had filed a trademark application in Asia for the iWatch brand name.

iWatch trademark accepted one week before

Even though the original filing was made on June 3, 2013, there are reports that the name was accepted one week ago. This effectively signals the launch of iWatch instead of Apple Watch 2. However, the above information should be believed only if the documents were proven genuine.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who works as an analyst with KGI Securities, Apple will release two different variants of the Apple Watch 2. Moreover, you need not have to expect cellular connectivity. Hence, you need to pair the new wearable device with an iPhone. As per sources, Apple has designed the new Watch to ensure that it is backward compatible with iPhone 6.

Apple Watch 2 Features

Among other features, you can expect the new Watch to be equipped with a new GPS, barometer, enhanced water-resistant features, improved battery life, and a faster processor.

Dubbed as the most valuable company on Earth, Apple is lucky enough to get the possession of the ‘i’ prefix. This is because, from iPod, iPhone, iPad and the forthcoming rumored iWatch, the company has struck the golden “i” naming scheme. Even though the rights of iPhone were carried away by Cisco, Apple managed to snatch it from them.

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications

On September 7, Apple will release new iPhone 7 with a default storage space of 32GB, a lightning connector port, and an enhanced Apple A10 processor. There are reports that the company will bundle wireless AirPods with the product package.

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