Apple Watch Ultra 3: What to Expect from Apple’s Next Big Release?

Apple Watch Ultra 3
Discover the latest on Apple Watch Ultra 3: potential launch dates, rumored features, and what might hold back its 2024 release.

As anticipation builds for Apple’s next smartwatch release, the Apple Watch Ultra 3, insiders and analysts hint at a potentially underwhelming update. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming device, its features, release timeline, and the challenges it might face.

Release Timeline

The Apple Watch Ultra line typically follows an annual release pattern, suggesting a potential unveiling in September 2024. Historically, Apple has favored the second Tuesday of September for its events, pointing to a possible announcement on September 10, 2024, with shipments likely starting September 20, 2024. However, there’s speculation that delays could push this timeline, especially if tied to other product milestones like the Apple Watch Series 10’s anniversary in April 2025​​.

Rumored Features and Updates

The Apple Watch Ultra 3 is rumored to continue at a similar price point to its predecessors, around $799. Despite this, there may be few groundbreaking features in the new model. Analysts have downplayed the likelihood of significant hardware upgrades. The inclusion of a microLED display, previously expected, has now been postponed indefinitely due to supplier issues​​.

A focus for the new model could be enhanced health monitoring capabilities and AI integration, potentially aligning with the release of watchOS 11. Notably, blood pressure monitoring has been mentioned as a likely new health feature​.

Design Considerations

While the iconic 49mm case size of the Ultra models appeals to many, there’s a growing demand for more size options. Enthusiasts hope for both smaller and possibly larger versions to accommodate different wrist sizes and preferences. Durability improvements are also on the wish list, especially enhancements to the screen and casing that could better withstand outdoor activities​​.

Market Expectations

Despite the lack of major upgrades, the market still holds expectations for regular updates to the Apple Watch Ultra series. Analysts predict a potential drop in sales if no new model is released in 2024, which could impact the overall sales figures for Apple’s watch segment​.

As we approach the expected launch date, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 remains shrouded in uncertainty. While the device may not bring the significant changes some hope for, its consistent pricing and potential new features like advanced health monitoring will likely continue to attract consumers. Stay tuned as more details emerge in the coming months.

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