Apple Watch, WatchOS 2.2, iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 expected to be released in March 2016

Apple Watch is scheduled for a major revamp with the release of new watch bands by the second week of March 2016 in addition to the new WatchOS 2.2 and the possibility of Apple iPad Air 3. Moreover, Apple is also expected to launch a new 4-inch iPhone, codenamed as iPhone 5se.

Similar to the September 2015 Apple Watch release, the upcoming models will be unveiled in a broad range of color options.

Proposed to be manufactured using new materials that are in active development, the new series of Apple Watches will be designed by establishing partnerships with companies beyond Hermes.

As per reports coming in, Apple is in the process of creating a partnership with popular third-party companies like Incase. However, there is no confirmation that whether the material developed by the company will be used in the upcoming Apple Watch.

Currently in developer beta stage, Apple is gearing up for the release of WatchOS 2.2 update, although there are no confirmed reports about its inclusion in the upcoming new models.

With added new functionality in the Maps app, the developer beta release of WatchOS 2.2 was shipped with the capability for multiple Apple Watches to be synced to a single iPhone. The company is expected to add more features and enhancements when the final version will be available for public consumption in March, 2016.

Apple is also scheduled to completely overhaul the design of the Apple Watch and is expected to ship in the fall and not in the Spring as widely reported earlier.

In addition to WatchOS 2.2 and iOS 9.3, you can also expect the launch of new Apple Watch bands and iPhones at a launch event during the week of March 14, which is being confidentially planned by the company.

However, the exact launch date will be decided later since Apple is also scheduled to launch iPad Air 3, which is currently under development stage.

According to unconfirmed sources, Apple will also conduct an online announcement event if iPad Air 3 is not ready around the second week of March.

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