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Apple’s AI Journey Takes Shape with iOS 18 Preview: Mark Gurman Hints at New Emojis, Music App Updates, and More

Apple's AI Journey Takes Shape with iOS 18 Preview

Apple is set to make significant strides in artificial intelligence (AI) with the upcoming iOS 18, according to various reports and insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The new update is expected to introduce a range of AI-driven features aimed at enhancing user experience across multiple applications and services.

New AI Features in iOS 18

AI Integration in Apps: One of the most anticipated updates in iOS 18 is the deep integration of AI across several Apple applications. This includes enhancements to Siri, which will leverage large language models similar to ChatGPT to provide more intelligent and conversational responses. Siri will also offer improved interaction capabilities, such as auto-completing sentences in the Messages app and answering complex queries​​.

Apple Music Updates: The Apple Music app is set to receive AI-generated playlists, promising a more personalized and intuitive music experience. This feature aims to create playlists based on user preferences and listening habits, making music discovery easier and more enjoyable​.

Photo and Notes App Enhancements: AI will also play a role in updating the Photos and Notes apps. The Photos app will include AI-based editing tools, while the Notes app will support voice memos with embedded recordings and auto-generated transcripts. Additionally, the Notes app will offer AI-generated summaries of key points from audio recordings​.

Safari and Spotlight Improvements: Safari is expected to get an overhaul with AI-powered summarization tools and a “Web Eraser” feature that allows users to remove unwanted content from webpages. The built-in Spotlight search will be enhanced to provide more intelligent results and improved sorting capabilities​​.

Design Changes and Customization

Home Screen Customization: iOS 18 is likely to bring more customization options to the Home Screen, allowing users to arrange app icons with greater flexibility. This includes the ability to create blank spaces and rearrange icons in a more personalized manner, akin to the customization introduced with the Lock Screen in iOS 16.

Broader AI Strategy

AppleGPT and Ajax Framework: Apple’s AI initiatives are built on its proprietary Large Language Model named AppleGPT, developed under the Ajax framework. This framework serves as the foundation for integrating AI capabilities into Apple’s ecosystem, from iPhones to Macs. The AI features will be designed to run on-device to maximize privacy, although some may rely on cloud-based models for more sophisticated capabilities​.

Apple’s commitment to AI is evident in its substantial investment in research and development, aiming to catch up with competitors like Google and Microsoft. The introduction of these AI features in iOS 18 marks the beginning of a broader strategy to integrate AI across all Apple products and services, setting the stage for even more advanced functionalities in the future​​.


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