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ASUS Launches ROG Ally X Handheld Gaming PC with Upgraded Features

asus ally x

ASUS has officially announced the ROG Ally X, the next iteration of its handheld gaming PC, set to be released in June 2024. This new model comes with several notable enhancements designed to improve gaming performance and user experience.

Design and Build

The ROG Ally X maintains the 7-inch, 1920 x 1080-pixel IPS display found in its predecessor, featuring a 120Hz refresh rate and FreeSync Premium support. The device is now available in a sleek black color, offering a new aesthetic choice for gamers. While the overall size of the device remains similar, the ROG Ally X is slightly thicker by 0.5 cm and weighs 70 grams more than the original model​.


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Hardware Upgrades

One of the significant upgrades in the ROG Ally X is the increase in RAM, which now boasts 32GB of LPDDR5/X-7500 RAM, compared to the 16GB in the original model. This improvement provides better performance for more demanding games and applications. Additionally, the storage options have been expanded, with configurations potentially reaching up to 2TB​​.

The battery capacity has also seen a substantial upgrade, addressing one of the main criticisms of the previous model. The new battery offers significantly longer playtime, though exact figures will be confirmed at the official launch event​.

Connectivity and Ports

ASUS has made changes to the device’s connectivity options by replacing the proprietary ROG XG Mobile port with a more versatile USB4 Type-C port, which supports DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Delivery 3.0. This change allows users to connect third-party external GPU enclosures, enhancing the device’s flexibility and charging options​​.

Improved Internal Layout

The internal components of the ROG Ally X have been rearranged to improve repairability, an important consideration given previous concerns about ASUS’s warranty and repair policies. This reorganization aims to make it easier for users to replace or upgrade parts, such as the SD card reader, which was identified as a source of overheating in earlier models​​.

Pricing and Availability

While the exact pricing of the ROG Ally X has not been disclosed, it is expected to be positioned as a high-end model, potentially priced between $899 and $999. This price range reflects the device’s advanced features and improved specifications.

The ASUS ROG Ally X represents a significant step forward for handheld gaming PCs, offering more powerful hardware, improved connectivity, and better battery life. These enhancements make it a compelling choice for gamers looking for a portable yet powerful gaming solution. The official launch event on June 2 will provide further details and confirm all specifications and features.

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