BenQ Introduces EDLA-Certified Smart Boards Integrated with Google Mobile Services

BenQ India announced the launch of its new smart boards, the BenQ Board Pro RP04 and the BenQ Board Master RM04, during InfoComm India 2023 at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai. These boards stand out as India’s first smart boards with full integration of Google Mobile Services (GMS) and certification under the Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA). This integration promises to expand the capabilities for business and educational sectors by leveraging Google’s suite of applications and APIs.

Key Highlights:

  • India’s first smart boards with Google EDLA certification.
  • Complete integration with Google Mobile Services, including Google Drive, Maps, Meet, YouTube, and Workspace apps.
  • Enhanced security with encrypted network communications and proxy-level security options.
  • Features like EZWrite 6 for interactive sessions and InstaShare 2 for wireless screen sharing.
  • Inclusivity enhancements such as Text-to-Speech, multilingual translation, and OCR functionality.
  • User and device management simplified with BenQ AMS and DMS.
  • Health-focused features include Eyesafe Certified 2.0 screens and Air quality sensors.

BenQ Introduces EDLA-Certified Smart Boards Integrated with Google Mobile Services

Both the Pro RP04 and RM04, thanks to the GMS support, effortlessly integrate popular Google services. This not only facilitates the direct installation and use of Google Workspace apps from Google Play but also ensures data protection with encrypted network communications and additional security options. Moreover, BenQ’s cloud services are hosted on a robust AWS cloud infrastructure, ensuring data safety.

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director at BenQ South Asia, emphasized, “The integration of Google Mobile Services into our smart boards is a pivotal step in enhancing user experience. This not only promotes collaboration but also offers a streamlined and secure digital platform for both the corporate and educational sectors.”

The new smart boards also come with several advanced features. The EZWrite 6 is an interactive whiteboarding software, while the InstaShare 2 permits up to nine users to share and control their screens simultaneously, further enhancing collaboration in learning and work environments.

The boards are also designed with inclusivity in mind. They incorporate Text-to-Speech features, multilingual translation, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to aid the visually impaired and cater to diverse user groups.

Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation, added, “With tools like EZWrite 6 in the RP04 and RM04, we aim to enhance interactive sessions and deliver content effectively. These boards align with our vision of fostering dynamic learning and work settings.”

Furthermore, BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS) and Device Management Solution (DMS) facilitate easy user and device management, especially beneficial for institutions already integrated with Google accounts. The smart boards also prioritize user health with Eyesafe Certified 2.0 screens and integrated air quality sensors.

The boards are set to be available from January 2024.

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