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BenQ Launches RD240Q: The First Programming Monitor Series

BenQ has introduced the RD240Q, marking the debut of the world’s first monitor series designed specifically for programmers and developers. The RD240Q features a WQXGA display with a unique 16:10 aspect ratio and advanced coding modes tailored to enhance the coding experience.

Key Highlights

  • 16:10 aspect ratio for increased vertical space
  • WQXGA (2560 x 1600) resolution with 95% P3 color coverage
  • Fine-Coated anti-glare, anti-reflective panel with EyeCare technology
  • Coding mode for clear fonts in various lighting conditions
  • Night Hours Protection with auto brightness adjustment
  • KVM switch and multi-stream transport for improved productivity
  • Ergonomically adjustable stand and eco-friendly materials

Introduction of the RD240Q

On May 16, 2024, BenQ unveiled the RD240Q monitor, part of its new RD Series. This monitor is the first of its kind, engineered with specific features to support programmers and developers. The RD240Q incorporates BenQ’s Fine-Coated Panel technology, which includes anti-glare and anti-reflective properties designed to create an optimal coding environment.

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Enhanced Coding Features

The RD240Q comes with a proprietary coding mode that enhances text clarity, making it easier for developers to read code in different lighting conditions. The monitor also features a Coding HotKey, which helps programmers maintain focus and increase productivity.

Technical Specifications

The RD240Q boasts a 24.1-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio and WQXGA resolution, allowing more lines of code to be displayed vertically. The monitor offers both adjustable and fixed stand options, a KVM switch, and multi-stream transport capabilities. Additionally, BenQ’s suite of productivity software is included to further support developers.

Comfort and Eye Care

To ensure comfort during long coding sessions, the RD Series includes Night Hours Protection technology. This feature combines minimal brightness settings, an eye-care filter, dark room optimization, and Brightness Intelligence Gen2, which adjusts the screen brightness according to ambient lighting.

Official Statement

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ India and South Asia, commented on the launch, stating, “With its versatile programming-centric design, exceptional clarity, and thoughtful eye care and comfort features, the RD series empowers developers to navigate various coding tasks while maintaining a focused state of clear thinking. This line reaffirms BenQ’s commitment to developing user-centric solutions that boost productivity.”

Price and Availability

The BenQ RD240Q is priced at Rs 31,990 and is expected to be available by late May 2024 on the BenQ E-store, Amazon, and leading IT retailers. Pre-orders can be made exclusively at the BenQ E-store.

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